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  1. Geez I have to cringe when I hear someone say "to be honest". I always have this nagging thought about, does mean they haven't been honest with me so far.
  2. What is this, you are suggesting anyone who lives east of Rockies lack a certain mental capacity compared to someone from B.C. Talk about a deficiency.
  3. My memory of Schmautz may seem a bit odd but I noticed something about the way he typically reacted to a scrum on the ice. Bobby would stand with his back to his teamate and face the aggressor and just look through them to de-escalate the situation. He didn't challenge the opposition yet he was fearless and knew how to take care of himself.
  4. Disagree. It is time to go with Holtby. Simple as that.
  5. This is a winnable game if the team shadows McDick and the Doctor and allow them little room to maneuver. And when you have a chance to hit make it really matter.
  6. Man, I agree we need to move out some players who are passed their best before date, but like most of us I am affraid you may have inflated the value of our assets. When it comes to Jake I only hope Jimbo continues to shop his services throughout the league rather than fixate on what may have been offered from the Ducks.
  7. This season has been disappointing however the team only has one way to go. An area that needs to be improved in order to compete with elite teams is the bottom 6. For the sake of this conversation if we assume for a moment the top two lines of each team cancel each other out, then difference between winners and losers are the guys who play consistently well on the botton 2 lines. I think this approach is usually confirmed during the playoffs. The difference makers are those that toil on the third and fourth lines.
  8. So whatever you do, cover McDick and the German. Commit a man to each on the power play. Forget the puck take the man. I know, I know it is difficult to cathch up to them but dedicate a player to cover them to the best of their ability.
  9. I get that some people may not like Babcock, but I for one can support anyone who attempts to rehab his career. Let's face it, hockey is his life. If we were in the same position as him I am certain each of us would want to get back in the game.
  10. Agree with Fanuck, I think Hamilton has been traded too many times to make me comfortable about him as a team player.
  11. 1. Goal-tending is a work in progress. 2. Bottom six forwards can be a difference maker. 3. Continued investment in scouting, drafting and development are critical success factors. If the team is below .500 at the half-way point of this season we are likely out of the playoff picture.
  12. My vote is both the Coach and GM are terminated on Monday 10 May.
  13. A coaching change during the season seldom brings the desired outcome. That being said I would be in favour of hiring Gallant before the Kraken.
  14. Disappointing at best. More than a quarter of the season gone and this team is simply not good enough to compete in the Canadian division. Embarrassing.
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