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  1. Tonight is bound to be a different game and a good early test for our team. To say Mc Dick will be coming hard is an understatement.
  2. The boys have enjoyed some success in E-town so to start a shortened season they will need to at least split the first two of a 10 game competition.
  3. Yes, this is a smart move, the team needs the extra insurance on defense. Probably starts on the taxi squard.
  4. Man I loved Socials in high school and only wish I was in your class. My only suggestion would be to encourage a close look at how and when governments reacted to the pandemic and current outcomes. What changes have occurred in governments during this period and perhaps a historical comparison to the last global pandemic.
  5. As a Burnaby boy I for one would love to have the Nuge on our team, but he will want a minimum of 7 mil per. He may be a better top six winger than playing as a third centre.
  6. I agree we need to add a veteran defenseman to our team. Not sure how to accomplish this just hope the "brain trust" is seriously considering all options at this stage.
  7. If he makes the Oil that will tell us all we need to know about their defense.
  8. Okay, okay the question has to be asked, who is not with the Coyotes?
  9. Hey Jan, thanks for the greetings and back at you. This is a year we will always remember. Full of feelings which brought out different qualities in each of us. Here is wishing the CDC family all the best for a happy holiday season and a rewarding new year. Cheers!
  10. No thanks, IMO Patches is not worth the value of Pearson and Hoglander.
  11. In my mind the botton-line is the health and safety of the people involved is more important than the economy of the NHL, period, full stop. That being said and if hockey is a go, I wonder if the Canucks could locate in Seattle for a shortened season and play in the Kraken's new building.
  12. I don't believe the Canucks use of an orca whale image is a cultural mis-appropriation. Use of the words "Eskimo", "Indian" and "Redskin" in a team name for many years is a whole different story.
  13. Given these allegations and an opportunity to answer them, this really is unfortunate at best. It is almost like pro-sports teams seem to attract the type of unsavory individual who take advantage of people because they can. If the allegations are proven to be true immediate remedial action is necessary to begin to deal with the situation lawfully and in the open. This will be another test for the NHL and as fans we are stakeholders in the ultimate outcome.
  14. Com'on people, get over yourself, this is all about your health and safety. Mask up!
  15. Grew up (in a manner of speaking) in New West and Burnaby and loved living in Vancouver. Really miss the water and the mountains. The Okanagan is my second choice.