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  1. Totally agree depth players can make the difference between a cup contending team and an also-ran. Assuming competing teams each have quality first and second lines, the type of players who fill-out the third and fourth lines typically stand out as difference-makers in a run for the Stanley Cup. I believe the Canucks are better than last year in this respect, however as the season goes on I am certain managementt will be on the lookout to tweak the team.
  2. It may not be whining but it sounds sort of familar. I imagine each team submits their schedule preferences and I am certain every team is not 100% satisfied with the final outcome. The more travel we do early in the schedule means the less there is in the new year.
  3. I am disappointed this team seems so vanilla and lacking an identity. My hopes for this year was a playoff spot, but now I think they will struggle to keep pace with the front-runners.
  4. My work with indigenous youth has taught me about resilience and the strength of the human spirit. I feel blessed to have learned more from my students than I have shared with them. I like many Canadians have lived a somewhat sheltered life and now we have an opportunity to reflect and reconcile.
  5. Have watched him alot on the Oil and he is a very servicable fourth liner. Wish him well in his PTO.
  6. Thought I heard Jimbo said each player would be vaccinated to start the season.
  7. Met him at the bar of the St. Paul Hotel once the Canucks were playing the Wild. Had an interesting chat about hockey and his place in the Cariboo. Really nice, down-to-earth guy. Will miss his voice on Saturday nights. Cheers.
  8. So he couldn't cut it with the Oil and he is now going to help the Sens!?!
  9. Loved him when he was on his game and played as one of a team, but in my mind, he is not even close to the Hall.
  10. Feelin' alright and going old school, with my man Joe Cocker
  11. If what you believe is accurate it stands to reason the world's best hockey players may have some leverage over the IOC. A potentially powerful opportunity for change.
  12. IMHO while the competition is unique, the Olympics as an event is over-rated and the IOC is corrupt.
  13. Hey man, well written. I believe what you say about heavy metal and as long as you can feel the music is all that matters. Not everyone is capable. Although I grew up with rock and roll and rythem and blues, jazz is my go-to these days. Cheers!
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