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  1. While I may give that scenario some consideration before saying no thanks, if I were to accept I definitely would not trade for Eichel.
  2. Just thinking, how much does the NHL invest in education and training of new (and current) players in terms of various potential addictions. Perhaps it is not enough and maybe that should be a foundation part of the collective bargaining agreement. This may be a chance for the league to show some real leadership in an area that I guess may have been a reality for many years.
  3. Perry is a warrior. Wonder what he will do after hockey. I'm betting, in some, form he will stay involved in the game.
  4. This is definitely a big deal. The big team benefits, the farm team benefits, the players benefit, the communities benefit. This is a winning scenario for all involved.
  5. Halak has lasted as long as he has in this league because he is a competitive pro-goalie. Also we need to consider possible injuries that might limit Demko's starts.
  6. Think Benning and the scouting staff should be commended for what appears at first glance like a better than average draft. It will be fun to watch how these new prosepcts progress over the next few years. Cheers!
  7. Plus the fact the Oil essentially said he is not good enough to play for their team, think about that.
  8. I have to agree, while players from winning teams are enticing, when they are taken out of that environment seldom do they live up to the hype many fans attribute to them.
  9. Man, you've got to relax, just take a breather and go hard tomorrow.
  10. I hear you brother, but because Larsson is tight with the Sedins and the fact Kraken signed Larsson to a Canuck-friendly deal makes me think there may be something there.
  11. Of the dozen defensemen who the Kraken just drafted I think these are right-handed. Borgen, Larsson and Cale Fluery. And I can't see Seattle will keep more than eight.
  12. Purely a gut feeling, I could just as easily be totally out to lunch. Given the Vegas experience with the expansion draft and based on the fact the Karken selected 12 defensmen I believe there is an opportunity for the Canucks to do a deal with Seattle.
  13. I am almost certain the Canucks will do a deal with the Kraken to sign one of the defensemen Seattle selects via the expansion draft.
  14. You are probably right, however I just have a feeling Jimbo has some sort of deal worked out with the Karken and I wouldn't discount a Larsson trade to the Canucks.
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