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2 minutes ago, Canucks Prophet said:

That logic works the other way around too, though. Canucks don't have to be the worst team to grab that #1 pick. They just have to be bad enough to get a chance. If you ask me, the current team is bad enough to have such an opportunity.

I don't expect Nashville to consider betting on that chance.

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3 minutes ago, Canucks Prophet said:

I was speaking in general, not relating it to this proposal. I want the Canucks to keep and use their highest draft pick, no matter what it is. :P

That is understandable. My initial reply was based on the OP. If I were Nashville's GM I would never trade Seth Jones for a 20% chance at Matthews.

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4 hours ago, Alflives said:

Don't you think they will trade Weber before Jones?

I don't think they can trade Weber from a financial stand point. It's not that Weber would be difficult to trade.

You have a top 5 defenseman that has shown no signs of slowing down. Just consider what a #3/#4 defenseman like Marc Staal, Niskanen and Orpik are making. I would pay Weber 7.5M in a heartbeat. To a budget team, the contract becomes even more valuable. Nashville has paid the majority of the real dollars in that contract. And that is why trading Weber is not feasible for Nashville not when they have paid the majority of the dollars on that contract.

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