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39 minutes ago, Fateless said:

Whiskey or Bourbon?

I am not a drug addict

12 minutes ago, Lil B From The Pack said:

Out of the former Shield members, who do you prefer the most?

Leati Anoa'i, Jonathan Good, or Colby Lopez?

That is very tough but I would have to say Colby Lopez

Just now, BaerOxHitman said:

If you could choose one pre-1999 video game to remaster for today's consoles, which would you choose?

The only logical choice here is Final Fantasy 7

either that or PaRappa the Rapper

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19 minutes ago, hatedkid666 said:

would u makeout with me

we'll find out if I'm ever in Montreal

2 minutes ago, brilac said:

How do I motivate myself to clean?  Cleaning is so boring!

You just have to go for it

I find music helps

1 minute ago, Lil B From The Pack said:

Not even Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball?

I was thinking Sonic 3 & Knuckles tbh

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