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  1. The Nordiques jersey is simply fabulous. After that, I'm a big fan of the Canucks and Canadiens. Wish people would stop complaining about the Orca logo - its a fantastic representation of Vancouver, regardless of its origins. Too many people are stuck in the past.
  2. I don't think ignorant means what you think it does. You are correct that many people are voting Biden because he is not Trump. But those people aren't ignorant about why they're voting against Trump. They're actually likely quite informed as to why they're voting for someone other than Trump.
  3. I can't believe how many people did not know what the Kraken is. Its been in a variety of popular movies in recent memory including Pirate of the Caribbean, Clash of the Titans, etc.. Kraken Rum. Its also one the coolest mythical creatures out there. How have people not heard of it?
  4. There are already a plethora of amazing concept Kraken logos. I'm partial to the trident with the Kraken tentacle forming the "S".
  5. I want it to be the Seattle Kraken. Such a great brand opportunity. With that said, their teaser video heavily a fishing theme which leads me to expect something along the lines of the Seattle Sockeye. I like Sockeye, but it would be a little underwhelming. They would also share the same color palette as Minnesota. I'd also find it odd that Seattle would name themselves after salmon when Fin eats salmon. Granted, Orca prefer Chinook to Sockeye, but it would still be a lame start to their branding.
  6. If McDavid had remained healthy all season, I would have agreed with you that Panarin wins. But when McDavid went down with injury (again) and everyone was calling that the Oilers would fall to pieces, Draisaitl put in WORK. I think Draisaitl was actually better than McDavid this year, and Draisaitl is the reason the Oilers maintained their playoff position when McDavid wasn't there. I think he wins this handily. I always feel bad for MacKinnon. The guy is such an incredibly consistent talent, but he always seems to just miss out on these awards. He'd be 3rd on my ballot. He should have won it last year.
  7. The biggest problem facing the legal system is the lack of available Judges. For example, in 2019, 10% of the British Columbia Bench was vacant with nine unfilled spots. That is nine Judges that otherwise would be hearing matters that get pushed back years instead. This number has been growing each year as well as the Courts are generally underfunded. Another significant problem is the underfunding of legal aid and other similar services which significantly delay matters as lay-litigants try to find representation. While legal-aid did recently receive an increase in funding, it is still well below market rates. It will be interesting to see what the Courts do with these changes, although my pessimistic side believes that things are going to get worse before they get better.
  8. I'm still skeptical that the play-ins will move forward as I have zero faith in Americans anymore, but here's hoping! I'm happy with our match-up against the Wild. We should win a five game series assuming both teams are playing at the caliber they can. Ultimately this may be a test of which team can get into top-gear fastest given they'll be coming out of a five month slumber directly into meaningful playoff-contention games. If Markstrom comes out in mid-season form and our top-six keeps rolling like they did all season, we should be playoff bound.
  9. Was it really necessary to make three separate threads for your Brock Boeser trade proposals? Couldn't have just made one thread?
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