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Did anyone go to the Canucks prospect camp on the island last year?


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I'm just curious about the development camp on the island this week.  Did anyone go last year?  Are people allowed to go inside and watch? Do you have to buy tickets?


I just moved to the Island so I'm hoping to make the trip down to check it out as it falls on my days off.  


Any information is appreciated.  If I go I will be sure to share some pics with the community.

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I went and got to sit next to Virtanen and Kyle Petit at the dinner. Picked Jakes brain about hockey stuff it was great. There was even a shot of us on Canucks TV having a conversation. This year I got 6 tickets. Last year Travis green was there, I am hopping to chat with him this year. If i can work up the courage I might even ask Benning and Linden a question on the microphone. One of the highlights of my summer last year for sure. 








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