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Anton Rodin | RW/LW


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Rödin's offensive game stands out thanks to his superb skating, his shot, hockey sense and puck handling. Usually scores quite spectacular goals and does not shy away from playing physical. Could use some more strength though.He has the offensive arsenal to be a productive player in the future, but has also the fundamental skills to be used as a role- and checkling line player.

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I knew quite a bit about this guy pre-draft.

Obviously a Gradin special. I wonder if he had some inside information on other teams having him high, as I personally had hoped for him at 83.

I would have loved a little Canadian grit in the 2nd with Latta/Howse, but I'm extremely pleased with Rodin.

This guys numbers are gaudy in the J-20 swedish league.......not a lot of guys put up points like that, especially goals.

Dont want to get the hopes too high, but reading his scouting report on elite prospects make him sound like a mix between Datsyuk and Alfredsson.

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