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An (almost) positive eastern media Canucks article!!!


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How does that article even make it through to be posted?


Talking about Reid Boucher and Darren Archibald as the Canucks' promising youth talent? I mean, Archi would probably be good for the 4th line, and Boucher I don't mind as a bottom sixer, probably 3rd line. But not to even mention Boeser, Dahlen, Goldobin, or Virtanen over those guys is a little much.


Then the defenseman he talks about on the roster is Ben Hutton, who was more of a focus the season before, while Stecher should be the one in the article now. Also, he mentions playing with Gudbranson for 2 seasons, when it was really half of a season. Kind of nuts.


Juolevi is fine to mentioned obviously, but he doesn't even spell it right.


Hell, he could have easily mentioned Demko, but this article was more focused on offense and defense I guess.

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6 hours ago, MJDDawg said:

That had to be one of the worst written blogs I can remember. 


Archibald? Incorrect spelling. Incorrect facts. No Virtanen, Boeser, Dahlen, or Goldy...etc. But Archibald?


It's funny it's so bad.


But yeah, at least it's positive.


right? positive but good for a laugh, I call that progress for the eastern media. 


I hear that Alvin Matthew is a heck of a player for Toronto. Paired great with Kessel for his 1st two seasons. 


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