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An (almost) positive eastern media Canucks article!!!


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My two favorite parts of the article:


Juolevi's name is spelled "Juolev"


And Darren Archibald made the list over players like Goldobin, Dahlen, Virtanen, Valk, Stecher, Labate and/or Carcone.


That said, I'm curious if Archibald has played his way back into getting a two way contract with the Canucks as a Utica mainstay. I'd be curious if a team like Vegas signs him to solidify there AHL roster. Having him under contract with the big club may actually be an improvement over having guys like Rendulic or Zalewski  under contract.

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It may be positive, but it seems just super odd to choose Archibald and Boucher. One is a waiver pick-up and the other isn't even Canucks property. 


If if I were to highlight 4 players for an article; I'd choose Juolevi, Boeser, Dahlen, and Demko. Stecher, Goldobin, Virtanen, Gaudette, Brisbois, Subban all better choices than archibald and Boucher.

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3 hours ago, S'all Good Man said:

I started reading this and thought, hey, what do you know, a not-negative piece on the Canucks out of the East.... until i got to the part about our top prospect "Juolev" and Darren Archibald making the lineup :lol:


still A for effort in it not being a slag piece. http://thehockeywriters.com/vancouver-canucks-young-talent-may-spur-turnaround/

I like how you felt the article was so bad that it belonged in White Noise, "The junk drawer of CDC." :lol:

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48 minutes ago, Roger Neilson's Towel said:

I like how you felt the article was so bad that it belonged in White Noise, "The junk drawer of CDC." :lol:

well.. i mean i appreciate Archibald's efforts in Utica, but wha?  junk drawer seemed right. 


I think the writer just googled "Utica stats" and picked the guy with the most points to talk about :lol: but who knows, maybe and eastern GM will think he's trade bait. 

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3 hours ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

Archibald would be just fine on the fourth line. At least he hits, and does the things a 4th liner is supposed to do, and even has a bit of offence. 


but looking at last year, if DA was going to get a shot that was it. Willie may have fallen more deeply in love than he did with Megna come to think of it. 

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Looks to me like Mr. Regan was commissioned to write something about the Canucks future, so he quickly Googled them, cobbled together this piece, then grabbed his hat and hightailed it to meet his buddies at the pub. ::D

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That had to be one of the worst written blogs I can remember. 


Archibald? Incorrect spelling. Incorrect facts. No Virtanen, Boeser, Dahlen, or Goldy...etc. But Archibald?


It's funny it's so bad.


But yeah, at least it's positive.





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