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Seriously Botchford?


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After reading what J had to say about lack of scoring, I had to laugh, like c'mon! We have new players that Green can and does try out together but we're not even 10 games in...  How the frack does someone expect a team to turn into a fine tuned machine in that amount of time?  Then forget if we keep up this pace then we'll have a very entertaining season and that's all most of us want, lots do understand it takes time but thinking that the canucks are going to be a high scoring team with this amount of time and roster is crazy!  (step away from the crack pipe J because it simply doesn't happen)


Then on top of it Boes was out for 2 games and tonight, his first game back he scores...  on top of that, we're 4th in the division and doing reasonably well against Sid and co. tonight so Botch... I know I know as if he's never going to see this BUT try some realism please? 

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