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  1. Minnesota Twins with 16 straight playoff losses heading into today's game. That's absolutely unreal. I get that the MLB schedule is different, but imagine the Canucks getting swept in 4 games for 4 straight years.
  2. The great thing about watching this movie at the Drive-In was that we could control the audio, so all the complaints about the sound mixing didn't apply to us. But overall, yeah, Christopher Nolan is about as deep as a 17yr old that is the only one of their friends that discovered Nietzsche. My favorite is when directors use vague terms like 'algorithm' as a catch-all for something that they can't quite explain. I write code. An algorithm can be a billion different things but it was thrown around in the movie without any explanation. I feel like Nolan thought of Tenet in terms of cool scenes to film and then figured out the plot from there (rather than developing a story and then thinking about how to film it). There are some amazing shots/scenes, but the complexity of the story is basically trying to trap people into believing that Nolan has this really well-developed idea that he is try to express to everyone else. People will confuse vagueness for complexity. Maybe I will appreciate it more on a rewatch where I just kind of take in the scenes instead of paying attention to the plot. 6.5/10
  3. So I don't know how I missed it, but Cody Garbrandt is fighting for the flyweight belt at UFC 255. I only found out from the betting website I use (he's a sizeable underdog). Would be hilarious if he could do what Dillishaw failed to do and then watch him defend against Cejudo, who I suspect is not actually 'retired'.
  4. I haven't really paid attention to football in about 15 years. Now that hockey, basketball, and baseball are ending, I figure football is going to be my only option for sports for a while. If you were to treat me as a brand new fan to the NFL, what is one thing you'd want to tell me?
  5. Off to watch Tenet at the Drive-In tonight. I'm posting now because I'm pretty pessimistic about this movie. It sounds like Nolan is going for the class approach of "make things so insanely confusing that everyone will think I'm a genius". I'm far more interested in geniuses that can communicate complex ideas in understandable ways without dumbing things down. Making things overly complex is in some ways just laziness masquerading as intelligence. Will update tonight/tomorrow.
  6. Go big small or go home. The LA Kings select Juuso Mäenpää with the 152nd overall selection. He is currently averaging 2pts per game with his U20 team in Finland. @JimLahey is up.
  7. The LA Kings announce that they have used their compliance buyout on Devyn Dubnyk @Nail
  8. I love when guys do this. Like, if they really didn't hurt you, why aren't you just walking through them to get your countershots? Costa stood on the outside getting picked apart after all that talk about doing things differently from Romero... I guess he did things differently from Romero after all.
  9. Izzy is like some internet troll that actually can back up everything. He talked about ***** in Costa's coach's face and dry humped Costa after knocking him out. His personality is really hard to like but I think he will overtake Silva as the greatest middleweight of all time.
  10. That was a whole lot of different things. But Costa was basically a heavy bag out there.
  11. This was the guy I was hoping to move up for.
  12. Loved it. Dude was such a coward. What an embarrassment after missing wait.
  13. I'd give it about five years tops before Diego Sanchez makes the news for all the wrong reasons.
  14. O/U on number of minutes it takes Izzy to make the walk to the Octagon? 3.5?