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  1. There's nothing about this statement that makes me feel like this guy has any sense of responsibility.
  2. In the Trades, Rumors, and Signings Subforum there is a thread titled "Fedor Fedorov is Untouchable". I'd say Bieksa touched him up pretty good.
  3. Whose saying he is? Playing him is simply how you get the most out of him.
  4. Petey has been atrocious, but it has to largely be related to timing and confidence. I'm not sure sitting him helps with either of those. He's been really bad, but sitting him won't help.
  5. Definitely not sustainable, but the lotto line persistently sucking also has to change at some point, too. To be playing this bad but still have a +.500 roadtrip and plenty of room for improvement (as opposed to getting run through the ice with no end in sight) isn't the worst thing.
  6. There are many things to criticize Green about... but this one is whack. First, Highmore isn't in the top 6... Petey was demoted to the third line. If Pettersson, Boeser, and Miller were playing close to average, they'd probably mask a lot of Green's flaws... but when arguably your three best forwards are all under-performing, the limits of any coach will get exposed.
  7. A 23 that gets pucks through from the point and a 21 that drives a line. Times have changed.
  8. That shot drought was just the Canucks' Climate Pledge to not waste energy for 16 minutes.
  9. All he has to do is look at his captain. Even Boeser's skating improved. Pettersson still has this awkward stride where his back foot kind of drags along the ice because he's basically always only using his inside edges.
  10. Pettersson uses a wide stance to try and avoid getting knocked off the puck easily, but it makes him too slow out there.
  11. At this point, the Canucks' home opener is probably the earliest that he'd return.
  12. I'm not saying they're rubes for enjoying something I don't. I'm say people are rubes for thinking that this recent special presented new, insightful information that people were previously unaware of.
  13. He has talked about Daphne before. He has talked about cancel culture before. He has talked about divisiveness before. So much of his special was based on slightly adding to themes he has discussed in the past, which is why I was so unenthused. For exampled, he talked about divisiveness when it came to the #metoo movement.
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