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  1. LAK Protection List: Evander Kane Brock Nelson Oliver Bjorkstrand Connor Brown Pierre Engvall Colin Blackwell Christian Fischer Erik Karlsson Devon Toews Dimitri Orlov Antti Raanta LAK Exposure Requirements: Tyler Pitlick Drake Caggiula Brett Kulak Dylan Wells @Nail
  2. If they didn't score, at the very least it would have kept Vegas more honest throughout the game. NHL should be honest and just stop calling them Refs and refer to them as game managers.
  3. The kid has missed a lot of games/practices/work-out time due to COVID. It makes entire sense that he'd want another year of development. I like that not 6 months ago Sekeres, Drance, etc. were out clamoring for how important sports journalism was to the city of Vancouver and how more voices were needed... and then as soon as they have a platform they devolve into another arm of the entertainment industry as opposed to actual journalism.
  4. Expected* list of protected players: Forwards: - Kane - Bjorkstrand - Nelson - Brown - Blackwell - Engvall - TBD Defence: - Orlov - Toews - Karlsson Goalie: - Raanta Backstrom, Trouba, Smith, Talbot, and Jones will all be going to UFA. Carson Soucy is RFA; rights are available. Dermott and Kulak available.
  5. Damon is very promising coming into his prime but we were not going to protect him in the expansion draft and wish him luck in NJ. We're hoping Raanta can stay healthy and be a serviceable 1b for our group.
  6. OP Updated. Sorry to those who normally follow this thread. Dropped the ball this year. If everyone wants to take over for next year, definitely feel free!
  7. The bond this team had from its 19-20 postseason is really impressive. They're always cheering each other on, even if they barely played together (e.g., Toffoli).
  8. Troy from Richmond. My God. 



    CDN Hero.

    1. Nuxfanabroad


      One of the most beautiful OT tallies you'll ever lay eyes on. WOW!

    2. Quantum



  9. &^@#ing predictable NHL reffing. 2-0, emotions high, call a penalty on the team leading to try and settle things down.
  10. BREAKING: Owen Power has asked Eric Lindros' father to be his agent... Assisted by the parents of Mitch Marner and Cody Hodgson.
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