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  1. Holland dominated again because he only trains the things that he thinks are fun.
  2. Focused Mike Perry is something else. Good to see him doing well.
  3. Guys on the trading block for LA: Cam Talbot Martin Jones Damon Severson Connor Brown Tyler Pitlick Drake Caggiula Christian Fischer
  4. This, IMO. Being younger allows you to afford to make slightly more risky investments, so the extra cash flow is nice. You don't want to get into a situation where you're basically house poor because your mortgage payments are insanely high. Lump sum payments give you that flexibility to pay off faster at your own leisure. Plus, being younger can mean more surprise expenses (e.g., kids) and so the flexibility again helps.
  5. Some good reasons to be skeptical about the original post on RG. For example, it mentions that the average IQ has fallen over the last century. This isn't really something that can be measured because IQ tests change over the years and the way IQ scores are calculated is according to where someone's score falls along a normal distribution for a particular cohort. There is no such thing as a raw IQ score. But if you did want to look at fullscale IQ scores over time:
  6. Just caught this. Mandel Nallo is loooong.
  7. Happy Easter. No fights this weekend but I've got your entertainment covered:
  8. Lol. Did DC just call Miocic a young man? DC calls anyone a day younger than him a young man. Feel like something weird is going to happen with Herb Dean reffing this fight.
  9. Woodley tried to load up multiple times and Luque caught him.
  10. Mullarkey has that Dustin Poirier torso.
  11. People talk about how McGregor made money and then became unmotivated... The exact same thing happened to Joe Rogan.
  12. In terms of watching great fights with skilled fighters, the HW division is (and always has been) pretty lackluster in MMA in my opinion. But the aura around guys like N'Gannou make the fight so intriguing. You're not going to see Mighty Mouse do a flying armbar or absolute wars like Diaz/McGregor, Lawler/MacDonald, Zhang/Joanna, Hooker/Poirier, etc. But the feeling of danger is just so much higher at this stage. Edit: Though Stipe is kind of an exception when it comes to HWs... more skill than power/brute force IMO. But then there are guys like Derrick Lewis who I find less inter
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