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  1. At this point, the Canucks' home opener is probably the earliest that he'd return.
  2. I'm not saying they're rubes for enjoying something I don't. I'm say people are rubes for thinking that this recent special presented new, insightful information that people were previously unaware of.
  3. He has talked about Daphne before. He has talked about cancel culture before. He has talked about divisiveness before. So much of his special was based on slightly adding to themes he has discussed in the past, which is why I was so unenthused. For exampled, he talked about divisiveness when it came to the #metoo movement.
  4. Have you not paid attention to his prior specials where he also said this?
  5. Dave Chappelle's most recent special was &^@#ing awful. Re-hashed jokes, grandstanding, laughing at his own jokes, slapping the mic against his knee... he probably had 10 minutes of new material in the whole thing. You're a rube if you thought it was funny and you're exhausting if you want him canceled because of what he said. If people spent less time getting offended by what he said we could have the time to dissect how bad his set was. The guy left 50 million on the table so that he could go to Africa and do nothing.... now he's taken 50 million from Netflix to go on stage and do nothing. Chappelle is an incredible comedian. One of the greats. But his special sucked. Not because it was offensive. Because it was lazy.
  6. Some people need to find more to do with their life than obsess about the reasons for why a marginal NHLer isn't on the team. Like... the answer to your question isn't actually going to resolve any problem in your own life. This comment is moreso directed at Twitter than CDC.
  7. I absolutely love watching Garland on the puck. So smooth with his stick and low center of gravity to protect the puck.
  8. It is hilarious that Landeskog just got suspended two games for a hit that was similar to the one Joseph made.
  9. The NHL is one of the most nepotistic leagues in all of professional sports. Until they begin to realize that they don't have to only hire former NHL players they will continue to make poor decisions.
  10. So can I put E. Kane on administrative leave/non-roster player or something and not have him count against the cap?
  11. Petan is so bad away from the puck/making weird positional decisions. It's just preseason, but the team sure did fail to drum up any sort of excitement.
  12. Well, the league also punished the Canucks for a contract that the league initially approved, so I have no doubt that they won't feel guilty about punishing the Hurricanes for something they initially approved.
  13. LAK ELC Slides: Alexander Campbell Roman Bychkov
  14. E. Kane D. Larkin Z. Kassian P. Engvall B. Nelson N. Bjugstad D. Caggiula C. Blackwell N. Dowd T. Jeannot T. Pitlick C. Fischer C. Bunnaman E. Karlsson D. Orlov D. Dekeyser C. Soucy J. Oesterle B. Kulak A. Raanta J. Swayman We have some question marks about Kane/Kassian being eligible/healthy for our opening-night lineup.
  15. Putting an offer on a home is an awful process. Either someone outbids you or you are left questioning whether you offered more than what it is worth. 

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    2. Coconuts


      It's nuts out there. A couple I know, one of which is a carpenter while the other works with individuals with disabilities, moved up to Dawson because it's so bad here in Nanaimo. By the time they got to look at something it'd be sold. 


      Another couple, one of which is a red seal electrician while the other does reception or something for the RCMP, brought their buying price up to 800k in Nanaimo because there's less competition for those houses. Most people don't have that kind of financial range though. 


      My youngest sibling, at almost 23, will be a red seal electrician soon and I'm skeptical of his ability to get into the market. I just don't understand how prices can go up, and up, and up while wages stagnate. It ain't the average Canadian who's able to afford property nowadays that's for sure. 

    3. Coconuts


      I'm rooting for you though, for what it's worth. 

    4. D-Money


      The struggle is real...

  16. Ugh. An amazing and exciting season that just feels wasted.
  17. Every time I think I hate the Red Sox more than the Yankees, Chapman shows up to remind me that I'm wrong.
  18. Fun fact: The Nats' starting pitcher is making his major league debut. The first pitcher to make his major league debut in game 162 since 1998. He's through 5.1 innings and has the 5-1 lead. As much fun as it would be to see a 4-way playoff for the two spots, I don't really want to see the Mariners rewarded.
  19. Kiermaier with a runner at second and a chance to help out the Jays... had a great at-bat and drew a walk. Runners at 1st and 2nd with 2 out, top of 7th. BoSox's pitchers throwing the ball all over the place, Nats now up 5-1 through five innings.
  20. Nats out of a jam! Jays crushing it... fun day to watch baseball.
  21. Bases juiced for the Nats in the bottom of the 3rd.... Sale can't find the strikezone and just walked a run in. Bases remain loaded.
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