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Proposal(s) VAN / CBJ..after trade freeze

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The premise behind this is helping the Jackets at C-depth, whilst trying to benefit from their depth in young 20's/prospect-talent.


So they compete now, whereas we're thinking more about 2 or 3 years out.

I heard people are saying Brassard(Ott) might go back there, in a possible deal. He's got 2 more yrs/5 mill AAV. Should we angle in before they make such a move?

Dubinsky is currently out(longer term) from a Kass beat-down. Also hear Wennberg might have back troubles. Not good, for a 23 yo C.

Torts style has a tendency to wear teams down..wouldn't surprise me to see it happen again. With all that said...


Van: Sutter, Granlund, 2018 2nd r pick (5.2 mill AAV)

-Would even consider us eating 1 mill of Sutter's hit, if we could nicely enhance the return.


CBJ: Jack Johnson(UFA..off books soon), Sonny Milano, 2018 1st


*************************Don't know enough about their prospects(appreciate input/help, any posters who do)***************************but get the impression that they've been drafting/developing fairly well. Last yr's progress, Calder Cup, etc...


Many other names: Josh Anderson, Collins, Nuutivara, Carlsson, Boone Jenner, Ryan Murray(IR)



Does anyone else see a nice potential deal between the two teams?

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I don’t see CBJ giving up that much for us. 

I think they have no need for Sutter due to the fact that he is mainly a shutdown guy and won’t provide a ton of offence and they have guys like that already.

as for Granny he’s not having a good year so I don’t think his stock is very high.

As far as I know Milano is a very good prospect and the 1st is going to be in a deep draft. I just don’t see CBJ giving up that for what we give them.


They could use help on their PP tho and Sam gagner was a big part of that last year. Maybe they would take him back



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the only veterans I can see being involved for a 1st rounder are Tanev and Guddy. I love what Sutter does for this team and think we need to hang on to him to stay competitive while the kids build up their skills. CBJ could certainly make use of Tanev for shot suppression and they would be even harder to score on with Tanev back there. 


So maybe Johnson (to clear space), 2018 1st for Tanev and our 3rd? I don't know what we replace Tanev with tho, 2018/19 might be a very ugly ga year without him. 

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