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SN's Best and Worst trades of 2017


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1 hour ago, oldnews said:

But don't deal him to Edmonton, please.

I know Deadmonton has been struggling and has had problems with team building for ages, but the last thing we need to deal with are Larsson and Gudbranson for years - with a complement of Klefbom, Nurse et al.   Throw in the heavy bodies they have up front and I just don't like that in our rivals stable - particularly when a couple of my favorites in Kass and Gudbranson would be wearing those ugly orange jerseys.  We got Gud - we didn't have to give up a Taylor Hall to land him - I think we should re-sign the guy if at all possible and consider him one more building block in the checked column.


I hear you. I'd like to keep both Tanev and Guddy tbh. 


With Connor McAverage not being able to get it done alone this year I'm sure they're looking at all kind of options. 


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