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[Proposal] Where are we today

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On 3/25/2019 at 10:29 AM, janisahockeynut said:


Where are we today?


The Canucks are the 24th worst team in a 31 team league.


We are a bad team. Not near enough offense with only 3 top 6 forwards. 


A crap D with very few bright spots. Edler is solid but aging and Hughes is still an unknown (hopefully he is as good as some HOPE he will be).


Good starting goalie (at least for the last couple months) with a question mark still as a back up.


After five years I had hoped for much better progress than we have seen. At the beginning of this year I was still fine with the progress but I have simply run out of patience. I have watched every game for years.  Yet the last two I just skipped....my wife thought I was sick.


I hope the team can get better.....but it will be another long bloody summer.


PS: tryamkin isn't coming back next year...come on.

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Columbus might find out the hard way that duchene doesn't make his team mates better... 


I think he needs the exact right people around him to thrive. I would never want to take a chance on him in van, we can do better


edit: also, I really want to get big tram back here to find out if he's legit, the sooner the better. if he is, that's a huge piece. if he isn't, I'd wanna know asap and move on.. 

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On 3/25/2019 at 10:29 AM, janisahockeynut said:


                                                                                                                   Remaining players             3 year-Top draft Picks              Current prospects


#1 LWer                  Pettersson                    Boeser                                Eriksson(6)                       2019 - 1st (8 to 12 OA)               Juolevi        Woo

Pearson                    Horvat                        #2 RW (Granlund)               Goldobin(1)                       2019 - 2nd (39 to 43 OA)            Madden     Karlsson

Rousell                     Gaudette                     Virtanen                              Sutter(5)                           2019 - 3rd (70 to 74 OA)              Rathbone

Leivo                          Beagle                       MacEwen                            Spooner(3)                       2020 - 1st                                     DiPietro

                                                                                                                 Baertschi(3)                     2020 - 2nd                                    Lockwood

                 Hughes                     #2 RHD                                                  Schaller(2)                       2020 - 3rd                                     Saunter

                  Edler                        Stecher                                                   Hutton(3)                          2021 - 1st                                     Brisebois

                #5 LHD                       Tanev                                                     Motte(1)                           2021 - 2nd                                    Teves?

                                                                                                                  Biega(1)                           2021 - 3rd                                     Lind

                               Markstrom                                                                  Schenn(1)                                                                             Jasek

                                  Demko                                                                    Tryamkin(0)                                                                              

                                                                                                              $ 27.5 Million + $4Million increase in cap + $8.5 Million 2019 Cap = $40 Million

Now, I know not everyone will agree with me, but with the players that are assigned a spot, and the remaining ones held to the right, as I have done, it will better define, what it is we have to replace, and what assets we have to replace them with over the next 3 years. Now, although I am not an advocate of trading picks, it is very apparent that all the important pieces are here, but 3 pieces.


Let us look at those assets we have, that are not slotted, as well as the picks, and consider what it is that we need, and what can we move to fill those spots? What Cap can we spend to fill those spots?


IMO, if we fill the spots as illustrated, we will have moved up the NHL talent rung and be a much more competitive team, that is ready to compete in and around the top 10 to 12 spots...…...in some cases, as in Edler, it is not that he is not a good defenseman, but that he is being asked to preform at a level higher that his ceiling, the same can be said for Tanev.


Look, at the players on the right along with the picks and prospects, consider the youth on that is currently on the team, and ask what it is that we can do to fill the open spots with higher talented  players......IMO, we have an abundance of asset to complete this task with, and still have a very strong future...…..and that can be done by this summer.


It is not a matter, of whether we add Duchene, Panarin, Karlsson or Myers...….it is a matter of deciding who should go in there, and settling that debate...…..


To me, it is actually mind blowing that, anyone would think we could not be a top ten with this type of asset base...……...Mind blowing!


To Me...……...buying a elite (26 year old) LWer for the first line costs only cap, of which "could" actually be paid for by moving Eriksson and Sutter, with no additional cap needed (10.3 Million). Purchasing either by trade or UFA a #1 RHD, will either cost additional cap or assets...….but again, we have the assets to spend. Filling in these 2 spots, via not the draft, gives us immediate skill that can be considered adding additional First Round Draft picks that turned out!


Consider the remaining none used veterans, as players that can either provide depth or picks for the on coming drafts.


I am not panicked about this, but it would be nice for Posters to get behind this concept, and support it. This should be our message to Benning...nothing else......


PS...……..Signing top end UFA's seems to really concerns some of CDC......they use Eriksson as their reason, but, I suggest that signing an elite UFA, is not the same as signing L. Eriksson, who was never considered a star and certainly never considered an elite. Also, recognize that elite hockey players, play at their level much longer at their elite level, than do slight above average players do at their level, mostly because when they do drop, it still for the most part,  isn't enough to drop them out from being elite.


Might also be a little off on the budget amount...….but not a lot (3-4 Million???) ….Fast, simple count!


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