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Chwk River

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Hi all... I don't have cable or satellite TV but I bought sub to NHL TV that I watch via "Apple TV". I can watch some Canuck games but tonite is a "blackout". WTH? Can usually get the Sat nite games as part of Hockey nite in Canada and sometimes there's a "free game" ... I thought they'd all be "free" to a subscriber, but apparently they're not. I find the system annoying and confusing. Any chance someone here could explain how this NHL TV subscriber thing works and why I can't watch the game tonite as they visit the Ducks but other times I can watch home games - like when they hosted LA on Wed? Thanks!

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As far as I understand if they are on local Sportsnet stations that are included in the basic cable package they are blacked out on NHL TV. I assume its part of the "cable" deal the NHL has so people still "need" to pay for cable to watch every game. I believe if you get a VPN you can avoid this issues but I have very little knowledge of VPNs.


Sorry this really isn't all that helpful.

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