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  1. i would love to see them miss the playoffs this year
  2. i would love to get ristolainen from sabers. Big punishing dman. Virtanen +2nd round pick + rathbone + benn
  3. in a failure of season like this one, no one should be untouchable.
  4. shutout ...and jets are not even a match. need a game breaker. too many shuouts in last 5 years.
  5. come on guys get a win here, montreal i already $&!#ting under the new coach, put them to the ground, grind a win.....
  6. myers has played his best hockey this season. Dude has been a solid in most games
  7. another must win series for us. Montreal is struggling, got to eliminate them
  8. basically he doesnt wanna admit that he made mistakes and we are done for this year
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