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Interesting how experimentation with psychedelics opens the mind for exploration into ones self, or the concious being that lives within, one we are connected to but can feel as distant as the stars.

A gateway or connection between the concious and subconscious mind is established with the use of these chemicals.

I always found it important to hold onto that silver string tightly as to not lose grip on reality when exploring the higher plains of existence which extend from the intentionally shuttered windows of our mind, giving light to, and through the darkest corners of our accepted self.


The questioning of reality, life and purpose can be scary and confusing if one is not able to stay grounded, but in loosening that grip enough to drift slowly is the magical pathway to exploring the deepest rooted fear of the unknown.


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i've braved the slings and arrows for long enough that it would be wasteful not to keep going now. but it sure sucks mighty hard sometimes to pick this path.


i am looking to make changes- to better myself and my living this year. i've always said new years resolutions are arbitrary, and they are in their timing; but if a resolution is followed-through on, then the resolution itself can't be arbitrary, right?


there's an obsession in the human mind with dates and calendars despite our logical sides telling us such emphasis is irrational. i guess i've moved to a point of just embracing the collective delusions because it no longer matters to me what is true versus what is true in more/better senses than other things. and if our love of new years compels the herd toward making up goals for the next run around the imaginary circle, who am i to stay unborged? when in rome... :ph34r:


i'm not sure what my resolution will be yet, but i have resolved to having one, at least, which is either a step up or a step down depending on whether my stance of non-participation was actually correct.. but the exciting thing is that there's movement, folks. 2020 is already 10x last year in its craziness factor with this one. i think falcon was in a temporary messianic state when he made this thread because it's shaping up to being one of cdc's most quality discussions of all time: top minds of cdc just sitting down and writing history in here and ppl don't even realize.

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Gonna title my autobiography 'Walking Through Hell With No Guide' or 'Dante in an Age of no Virgils' but only talk about fun/funny stuff that happened over the years and be super upbeat and happy throughout the whole thing. I'll make sure they know my rise into my pseudo-intellectual kingdom of a weird type of literature I'm going to invent in my 30s was easy and planned very deliberately, right from the start.

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