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  1. Maybe it's my telly. I can hear them fine. Not as loud since the goal.. theyre saying a naughty word right now
  2. He's exactly the player I expect him to be. Hard worker, very very skilled, ice runs in his veins. Happy to have him.
  3. Bailey scored the first goal for the Abby Canucks. Has been playing really well. Nice to see him get the call up.
  4. I'll tell you what was 'too loaded'. The gun he was illegally carrying that he went on to use to murder people.
  5. Our PP is ranked 16th in the league at 21.7%? Kinda surprised, thought it would be worse. Though, room to improve for sure with this talented squad.
  6. Lol, love that you put Luke on the list you're the best. I have since changed my mind though. But keep him up there, sorta like a tribute to Rory Fitzpatrick
  7. You are forgetting he is the emotional leader when needed. He is intense and can perform in so many areas of the game. I know he can be frustrating but the dude is a stud. He and Garland are some grit that this team have needed for years.
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