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    I walk alone, into the darkness
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    He knew me by my name, it was surprising
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  1. I'm not posting there right now for similar reasons. Miss your content and actually would like to take this moment to thank you for all your insight during Covid. Your knowledge was/is very valuable. Nevermind your grasp on hockey. I don't know any other sites as i am a bit of a luddite. Hope CFF rights the ship and we can all get back to the good community that we enjoyed for years.
  2. They closed the forum on Oct 1 What we are experiencing is the soul's will to live on.
  3. It's still a tight run ship over here. I had 3 threads closed down yesterday. The God, Abortion and Trump threads I created got shuttered quicker than you can say Ribs is great.
  4. Is this where I find the CFF washroom?
  5. I'm not sure if its legal to do that in public.
  6. Too much awesome, too soon, at the new site.. Upset it's belly
  7. Smells like mothballs in here. Stinky old house. Used to be so grand, sad what some owners let happen.
  8. Hi Can someone post the racism claims that I have heard going around about CDC? Even though this org is amatuer hour and insecure did they really pull a massive shit slinging lie out of their ass as a reason for cosing the forums down? The mods here kept this joint clean AF.
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