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  1. Sorry guys. this loss is on me. I thought the game was on at 7. I didn't even show up.
  2. Fake news. That a regular depth snare maybe 5 or 6 inches, do you want a corps snare? I use a brass piccolo as my main. Great for that cracky snappy socialist sound... The toms are too far apart.
  3. Tim Pool hangs out with people that flash the ok symbol. Why would anyone listen to Tim Pool?
  4. ‘Realistic possibility’ COVID-19 variant from U.K. could be deadlier, researchers say
  5. I'm still just happy we are watching the Canucks play again. Last night was rough. Some tough breaks on D recently, not just in play but with injuries and good old bad luck. Refs were calling a lot early and we couldn't stay out of the box. We're 2-4 and have had some decent changes this year in some big roles on our team. We also aren't clicking on all cylinders. Bo will lead the way and this squad still has a lot of upside. Don't lose faith just yet.
  6. Yeah, your clarification is working for you. He's not terrible as you originally stated. It's a group effort.
  7. It's work ethic we're missing right now. Who's the hype-man coach? Oh yeah, and Markstrom
  8. How can I prove you wrong? I'll let the career of one of the best drafted Dmen ever in a Nucks Uni do that.