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  1. I don't do social media other than this lovely forum but that does seem strange. The old saying, where there is smoke there is fire. Someone posted a vid of his wife mocking the teams covid protocol and saying straight up that she wouldn't adhere to the grocery shopping restriction. Another poster saw him and his wife at a liquor store after the team was infected. We got a mild return for the trade. Makes me think that he pissed off the org. That said, I'd like to think JB saw something in Highmore. I hear he played well in the playoffs last year.
  2. Have you posted the Deadmarsh fight yet? By Deadmarsh...I mean Dead-marsh
  3. Gotta admit, there have been plenty of times I wished we still had him. Didn't like the contract but his toughness is still missed on this team. Good dude.
  4. Bowey, not Bowie. I think even if he was alive David Bowie would have been crap at hockey. Hoping to see OJ get some more playing time, well deserved.
  5. I dont think your theory is crazy. At all. If, Guad and/or his wife were dismissive of their covid restrictions then I would ship him out too. I mean, the whole team is sick and she is on video mocking and refusing the idea of not being allowed to grocery shop. Not a wild idea at all to think there could be truth to it, in time the truth will likely come out. When I heard that it was Gaud that was traded and looking at the return we got, the covid angle popped in my head right away.
  6. Why don't these strikers realise that it is MMA? Holland is already calling Vettori and Brunson 'humpers', maybe he should go into kick boxing. Same with Machida on Friday, also a BJJ black belt like Holland but once you're under a big better wrestler it becomes a long night. Gotta learn to get up of the canvas. BTW, Bader didn't look good in my eyes. He could not stand with Machida so had to go to his great wrestling. But for the heavy weight champ to have to win on points vs a 42 yr old that normally competes at 185...I dunno if he will be in the finals of that gran
  7. Right? I have read that natural herd immunity has never been achieved in humans. A vaccine is needed to get there.
  8. Yeah, I just got home and found this... https://greatsong.net/PAROLES-MONTY-PYTHON,GALAXY-SONG,100079889.html Trevor Jones is listed.
  9. My internet sleuthing has uncovered that he arranged some of the Python songs. He went on to change his name to John Du Prez
  10. Mighty Mouse destroyed. I thought it was illegal at first then realised they allow knees to the head of a grounded opponent in One Championship.
  11. Agreed. Doesn't matter. No member of the org wanted this. If going to a restaurant was against their bubble restrictions then I think that player used bad judgement but we are only human and this pandemic is tough for all.
  12. Was Gaudette the first? I know he tested positive first but I thought Jake was feeling sick for a while before testing positive? Were they not allowed to go to restaurants? I don't know the limits of their bubbles.
  13. Try looking at this new layout on my phone! I feel like my phone is just trying to guess what CDC is posting.
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