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[Disscussion] Rebuilt, Rebuilding and Perspective

Rebuilt, Rebuilding or Ready  

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On 1/2/2020 at 9:04 PM, Phil_314 said:

Honestly teams are never perfect but I doubt we're very far off.


We have, the Lotto line, emerging scoring depth (Pearson/ Bo/ Jake/ Leivo/ Gaudette/ Roussel), some good grinders (Motte, Beagle, MacEwen) and young guns who could be final pieces to the forward equation (as mentioned the prospects).  Some solid back end pieces too.  Sure we might have some dead weight but give it time and the creme will rise to the top while the dead weights will fall off and the team will be ready to go. 

I agree... We have a good shot with Podzolkin (SP?), Hoglander, Maybe Juolevi coming in on cheap ELC we could hit that window nicely and contend. Tryamkin?


I think what a lot on people looking for continued rebuild, high draft picks etc etc fail to see the big picture. You have to pay these guys.. The window is very narrow to utilize ELC economics... Surround your team with a good supporting cast and go for it! You can't keep looking for a top 5 pick...

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On 1/2/2020 at 8:07 PM, 48MPHSlapShot said:

What I think the OP is saying is that the rebuild isn't over yet and that we should be continuing the rebuild until the real window opens in a couple years. I think....


But here's the thing. Well run franchises never stop "rebuilding". Sure, they may sell some picks or younger players to chase success, but they never completely take their eye off the future. As long as we keep this mindset I really don't think there's a reason to worry. 


The OP made a list of some of the older or more beaten up players that are going to need turning over before we're "ready to compete", but the list in question is mostly comprised of replaceable pieces, with the only real exceptions being Edler and Markstrom, of which we already have replacements for (Hughes and Demko/DiPietro). 


As far as forwards go, we're pretty much set for the foreseeable future. 4 out of 6 of our top six forwards are 26 or younger and are already firmly established. Pearson is only a year older at 27, Virtanen is showing signs of becoming the top 6 forward we drafted, Gaudette is showing signs of having top 6 upside as well, not to mention we have Hoglander, Podkolzin, Madden and Lind still in the system, all of which have top 6 potential. 


Goaltending-wise we're pretty damn strong as well. If we're intent on keeping both Marky and Demko through the expansion draft, the option always exists to cough up a pick or something to Seattle in exchange for leaving both goaltenders alone. And if we do end up having to move one of them before the expansion draft, we'll likely get a pretty strong asset in return for one of them. Long and short of it is that while our goaltending situation going into the expansion draft is a problem, it's a good problem to have. We essentially have too much of a good thing. 


The defense is where things get sketchy. We have Hughes who's likely going to be replacing Edler as the top pairing guy on the left side, but other than that we're pretty thing as far as young, high end D. We have Woo developing in junior, Rafferty and Juolevi in Utica, and Tryam maybe possibly fingers crossed coming back soon. Luckily, we have a couple more drafts before this team enters it's "peak", and a pretty significant surplus of movable assets up front as well. Between the next 2 upcoming drafts, potential trades and free agent signings, I'm pretty confident we can get the defenders we need. 


Bottom line is that we're in pretty solid shape moving forward. 

This is how I feel.   One thing that I think sometimes is overlooked is under the cap a core can only comprise of so many blue chippers.   Five or six star level guys plus a few mid range guys.  From this viewpoint we are one short as of now on the team that is, and one of OJ, Podz, Hogs or Demko could very well be that extra piece.  Once these guys are on second contracts, our expensive vets will be replaced with older cheaper versions on one year deals or guys on elcs.   Hughes, BB, EP, Horvat, Miller and Markstrom comprise the current core.   AG, JV or a guy like Madden (check out what's going on with him, Hobey Baker worthy season) or Lind might also step it up.  


I agree our defense is the weak point.   This is where we might have to add or mortgage the future slightly to solidify it.   Best thing that could happen to this team is OJ working out as Edlers replacement...

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