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I'm a new member to this forum. I live with my family in Toronto. This vacation we wish to travel to Vancouver. It's famous for its scenic beauty and my wife loves it. We have searched and found some places in Vancouver. Stanley Park and Granville Island are top in our lists. I'm not a travel lover. It's been only 1-year since we settled in Canada. So I'm not much aware of the places here. Has anyone been to Vancouver before? I have been looking for an affordable room in Vancouver.

While discussing with my colleagues, they suggested for
UBC room booking services in Vancouver. I have never been there before? Is there anyone here who consulted them before? Is it good for family? I have read the reviews and it's all good enough. If you guys have any idea please share.


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I suggest looking up on AirBNB as well, depending on your budget and comfort level/amenities you can find the perfect room/place yourself.


The skytrain services and public transit can take you to most of the scenic places you wish to visit. Enjoy your stay in Vancouver.

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Just wondering if you are aware that this is the Vancouver Canucks forum (Vancouver’s NHL hockey team)? 
Most of us live in the Vancouver area.   Were you trying to find a travel forum ?
You are more than welcome here, but I was just wondering if you were looking for something different.

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Like any city, there are bad parts of Vancouver to avoid.  Google them before hand. 


Off the top of my head, some places to avoid are:

Main St and Hastings (where the homeless tend to hang out)

Oppenheimer park (ie. Tent City)


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I would suggest the waterfront and Gastown as well (east of Stanley Park). Lots of neat little restaurants and shops, and the Olympic torch is in this area as well. Robson Street is always popular as well, for shopping. Hopefully you'll get nice weather (no rain) when you're here. Bring an umbrella in case. If here in summer, then no rain.

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