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  1. Not giving our defensemen easy pas options has been an issue for a few years.
  2. DeBrincat has the strength of 9 year old....man he looked soft there.
  3. Ok..just came back to say I love Bourroughs. That is all.
  4. Alright all. Enjoy the game. If these guy pull their heads out of their asses I might be back tonight but I've been negative enough for the night. Fire Green!
  5. It is on both. The strategy is garbage and so is the execution. They don't move. That is on coaching. We would see them fail but at least skating more.
  6. Seriously couldn't go 20 seconds after a goal without doing something terrible? Amazing turnover...
  7. So full arena of fans for first home game eh.... I hope a Fire Green chant starts. I have been on board with him through questionable choices but am done with this constant slow start, meek BS and garbage defensive zone play and strategy. He and the rest of these schmucks have to go.
  8. We hired a new kid at work. Last name is Marchand. I asked if related and was going to punch him and say 'give that to Brad for me' if he said yes.
  9. I think this is longest pre game mute for me ever. Usually just do the anthems when in the US...
  10. I wonder if they'll show footage of when he and his friends beat up a cab driver?
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