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  1. Yup. And the take the money out of the hands of criminals, into govt coffers and use it on education and treatment. Plus I could buy good quality cocaine again...
  2. Sadly the main reason is decades of American interference in their affairs and the US consumption of drugs forced into a black market by their war on drugs.
  3. Well they believe in an invisible sky daddy....they're a gullible lot.
  4. His book Puddin' Pops, a Coke and a Quaalude was a massive hit.
  5. Oh I agree. I also think they should target all the states targeting women's reproductive rights. Damn religitards down there are so out dated with their 'morals' and hypocrisy.
  6. The PGA doesnt run The Masters. Augusta National does. No way they don't run it regardless and it would be on the players to step up.
  7. Some truth from a US politician: N.Y. congressman: Border crisis due to decades of bad U.S. behavior https://www.politico.com/news/2021/03/28/bowman-border-migrants-central-america-478257
  8. Baltimore stopped pressing charges for minor drug offenses during the pandemic. Violent crime stats went way down and now theyre making it permanent. Yes this is the story line of The Wire in season 3 ;)
  9. He's also wrong about the death penalty saving money....it costs WAY more.
  10. Id have cleaned $50 worth and bought gorilla glue...then had a lot fun redecorating the exterior of his car.
  11. The lion doesn't care about the opinion of the sheep. I missed your post and whomever's reply
  12. I support this. He wouldn't tolerate lazy play! Plus Jake would feel shame every time Rod flashes his abs and says 'get to the gym you lazy bastard.'
  13. Im the kind of libertarian who thinks all drugs should be legal and I should be able to buy high quality cocaine that is appropriately taxed and detests social conservatives.. So I voted liberal the last 3 elections federally and NDP provincially the past two. Did vote for Harper once..have also voted Green. Would vote for the Sith if such a party existed and promised everyone red light sabres and to rid the galaxy of those last 3 Star Wars movies....
  14. No new wars. Plenty of war and support for genocide were still going on. Trump's admin dropped more bombs...but you're just here to troll right? Also FYI I am a fiscal conserve/libertarian for the most part
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