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  1. Everything but the housing and one arena they used for curling is still around. I'd say yes just so Whistler and Vancouver get more housing built. A bit selfish but is what it is
  2. He gets gifted way less power plays. Frankly I wasnt impressed by his numbers last year. He feasted on the powerplay in a weak division. Big &^@#ing deal... Then swept in the playoffs when the whistles go away.
  3. Weber will be a LTIR as well.
  4. Too bad he didn't use some of his money to get her English lessons. Reading her messages hurt my brain. Doesn't strike me as the sharpest tool in the shed. That said Kane sounds like a real piece of $&!# even before the betting allegations are considered.
  5. This one was an interesting case though. Poor black rioters/looters mostly went after the Indian diaspora in SA with political tribalism involved along with killings by 'police' on both sides.
  6. It helps but it's is not the end all be all. Also Moderna is proving to be better at fending off the variants than Pfizer while Astra Zeneca is just flat out useless.
  7. I hope every single Calgary Flame..especially the turn coats...has the worst season of their lives. Then the team implodes, arena collapses and that $&!# hole city is attacked by savage zombie rodeo animals. Their entire city is razed to the ground and covered in zombie cow manure. Then we make friends with the zombie rodeo animals and secretly send them after the ruling class.
  8. I was happy for Baer to get to leave after the way the racists came out for him after their exit. Piece of $&!# fans, from a piece of $&!# city in a piece of $&!# province.
  9. Shanny. Was a huge Red Wings fan in the 90s and he was beast on the Whale and once he came over to the Wings. At 18 he beat up a player who refused him an autograph 4 years before.
  10. I loathe that team...not to the level of the Flames but it is close...was painful cheering for them for Weber. Can't wait to watch them suck.
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