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[Proposal] Who Would Give The Most For Demko? Markstrom?


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I think the way he's playing now, we have to sign Markstrom and try to trade Demko or at least hope Seattle won't take him. They get to pick 3 goalies and you just know teams are going to be exposing their backups, and Demko is probably the best of the bunch so he'll be gone. However, we'll also be exposing someone like Tanev, possibly (but hopefully not) Pearson and Stecher if they're still around which might be a bit more tempting for Seattle.


I really do hope they take an ageing veteran like Tanev, the way Vegas took Sbisa, to kick-start their veteran leadership group, and leave us with Marky and Demko in the future going forward. Finally we get a nice 3-tier goalie group with no controversy and the ED comes in place. We can only hope if we expose a juicy player that they'll leave Demko alone...

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On 2/13/2020 at 10:50 AM, janisahockeynut said:

I am not so sure about this Vegas, as we know the cap now...………..


This is the perfect storm, I would be afraid of, if I was Benning...…...


1. a flat cap...……….no increase

2. Markstrom wanting more than 6.00 Million...………………...an 2.333 Million increase

3. Demko wanting more than 3.00 Million...…………………….an 2.000 Million increase

4. Virtanen wanting more than 3.50 Million...…………………...an 2.250 Million increase

5. Gaudette wanting more than 2.50 Million...………………….an 1.400 Million increase

6. Tanev wanting more than 6.00 Million...……………………...an 1.500 Million increase

7. Tryamkin wanting more than 2.5 Million...……………………an 2.500 Million increase

                                                                    Total Increase   $11,900,000 Million increase


So even with a $500,000 per year variance on all contracts, and every contract is out by that $500,000

                                                                   That is still...……..$8,900,000 Million increase


In a year that we should be saving some cap, for the next year, when Pettersson and Hughes contracts are up


This is not as simple as Benning or some on CDC are saying....something will have to give...…………………...


Eriksson's 6.00 million

Stecher's  2.325 million

Baertschi's 2.29 million

Schaller's 1.90 million....gone for sure

                                                                         Total...………….12.500 Million


So yes, it could be done, but to are still stuck loosing something to move Eriksson's contract and something to protect Demko?


And then you are going to need another 12 to 14 Million the next year for Pettersson and Hughes...………….


It will be tight! and it will cost!...….but, yes, it could happen!


It will be interesting!

If Eriksson retires after his bonus, is it not 3 million he costs against the cap for next year and no years following as he retired at the beginning off the 20/21 summer?


3 mill bonus on july 15th 2020, then he retired july 16th.


Thus costing 3 milion against the cap for the 20/21 season?

Then no cap issue for 2021/22 because he retired in 2020?


If Tanev wants more then 5 million per year he can walk to ufa.


Marky really has no argument to make more then 6milion a year with term.


Baertschi makes 3.66

On 2/13/2020 at 12:14 PM, BCNate said:

I feel that Markstrom is going to cost us in the ballpark of 5 years 7-7.5 million.  I see us keeping him and Demko through next season, and dealing Demko before the Expansion draft.  I expect that he will return a quality pick (25-35 range) or a quality prospect.  DiPietro gets the back up role , and When Markstrom is done at the end of his deal, he becomes the starter.  


On 2/13/2020 at 9:43 PM, hammertime said:

I have to agree with you here for the most part. I feel we are at the crossroads where the Canadians had 25 year old Halak playing lights out and much to everyones surprise moved him in favor of 22 yearold unproven and thus far out performed Price. 



Canadiens general manager Pierre Gauthier called it "big picture decision," in which the team’s scouts and managers opted for the long-term potential of the 22-year-old Price, the fifth overall draft pick of 2005, over the more immediate success from the 25-year-old Halak.

The trade was widely panned by Habs fans on Twitter and other websites within minutes of its completion. Most felt that Price should have been dealt and, if not, the team should have got more for the goalie who was the main reason Montreal upset Washington and Pittsburgh in the playoffs.

A "shame," a "nightmare," and "April Fool’s in June" were among the comments posted on one website.

In the House of Commons in Ottawa, Liberal MP Justin Trudeau said "What? Halak for two hockey sticks and a bag of magic beans?"

Halak was the Canadiens’ player of the year in 2009-10, when he went 26-13-5 and was fifth among NHL goalies in save percentage at .940 and ninth in goals-against average at 2.40. Price was 13-20-5 with a 2.77 average and a .912 save percentage.


I imagine trading Markstom will be an incredibly unpopular decision. In my experience even very good goaltenders don't get very much in return via trade especially in this scenario. The way I see it if we trade Marky we loose someone else in the entry draft, may not be worth it. I can't help but feel like the best option here is to sign him for full value and allow Seattle to take him. it's a tough pill but it keeps JB's hands relatively clean and we get to keep our team intact. I think 30 other GM's in the league know were over a barrel here I would be shocked if any of them offered fair value for Markstrom. The player we get to keep in the ED may be superior to any return offered on Marky. 

Always and i mean ALWAYS trade the older goaltender.


Luongo for marky

Vasilevsky over bishop.

Rask over Thomas 

To name a few


On 2/14/2020 at 1:13 AM, Nuxfanabroad said:

Scenario: Markstrom is obstinate on either $/term, that Van doesn't accept.


NYI's call with an offer:


Markstrom, Sutter, Stecher, 2020 4th


Return: Greiss, Ryan Pulock, Fritz(ahl C), 2020 2nd, 2021 2nd(cond on JM signing)


It's about 10 mill outgoing, & half that number incoming. Cap is much easier to manage next season.

2020-21, Myers, Tryamkin, Pulock & Rafferty are a very impressive RH-D

Sutter's Dad starred in Long Isle, & they need fwds(apparently). Let them take the gamble on his health, that has burned us continuously.

Greiss only helps this season, to hopefully nail down a PO-spot. Basically TD is the man. If TG likes it here, & signs cheaply to back up, that's cool


Would anyone accept this offer from NYI?

Doesnt NYI have Varlamov signed at 5 or 6 million for 3 or 4 more years?

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Despite the fact that we would love to hold on to Demko it is unlikely we do. Hes played well enough to be on Seattle's radar and they will need a good young player with the potential to be a starter.


Its most logical that the Canucks will wait until they see what it takes to sign Markstrom before making a move with Thatcher. I dont think they will move him at the TDL

 If Markstrom cannot be signed to a more team friendly deal by this summer, they may have to let him walk and get his money elsewhere. Another option is they sign Markstrom to a bigger contract and then protect Demko so that if Seattle wants to take a goalie from the Canucks its a higher end deal that costs them more cap. Not that Cap space should be a big concern for a Expansion team.


Or we can Trade TD and get what we can for the player at this stage. No matter what way we go we lose a goaltender. I think its unlikely we trade a pick to stop Seattle from taking one of them as if i were them id be looking for the best players I can find to ice a competitive team right away and a great goalie is the first piece. Ala Fleury. I could see that working for a forward or defenseman where they may be other options but not as much with the goalie pool.


I think its more of a chance Seattle takes one of the goalies instead of the second hand unprotected players we would have to offer out front.


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