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Anger towards Macron grows


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17 hours ago, canuckster19 said:

Yeah the same way my white family is responsible for what happened to First Nations despite coming to Canada after the ugliest part of that history was over, eye for an eye and we’ll all go blind or how it goes? I'm also 1/16th Cree, so I guess that absolves me somehow?

Why would it absolve you

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23 hours ago, bishopshodan said:

Khabib Nurmagomedov attacks French President Macron over comments about Islam


“May God disfigure the face of this scum and that of all his followers who, under the slogan of free speech, offended the feelings of over 1.5 billion Muslims,” Nurmagomedov wrote in an Instagram post (h/t RT Sports). “May the Almighty humiliate them in this life, and in the next. Allah is quick in calculation and you will see it.

“We are Muslims, we love our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) more than our mothers, fathers, children, wives and all other people close to our hearts. Believe me, these provocations will come back to them, the end is always for the God-fearing,” Khabib added.



Khabib is one of the best MMA fighters to ever compete. He is undefeated and very popular.

I was a fan of his but now I am not. At. All. 


What an idiot, this is promoting terrorism. 



The biggest problem in all this is that the France and its President have been attacked by Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Indonesia, Pakistan and plethora of other Muslim countries and groups. 
No solidarity or words of support from other European countries.


Macron spoke against radicalization of Muslims in France, madrasas, mosques and foreign imams that are propagating hate inside France.
I can’t imagine opening a church in any of these countries and start calling Muslims infidels and calling for crusades to exterminate them.


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On 11/1/2020 at 1:16 AM, canuckster19 said:

Whataboutism, no one is making that argument in this thread as far as I can tell.

There's no what about ism as it were.


it's a simple statement that this is NOT relegated to any one nation or religion.

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