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proposal for Demko

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On 1/30/2022 at 11:08 AM, grumpyone said:

honestly if Montreal, Jersey or Buffalo offered 2 firsts for Demko , would you take it?

Demko would be a tough one. Imo, he's a top five goaltender in the NHL, he's got a lot of years left, and he's on a fantastic contract. That doesn't happen very often.

That does not mean, however, that I would be completely opposed to dealing him under certain circumstances.

If, for example, Miller were to be dealt, this would seem to indicate that JR is giving up on the playoffs for a couple seasons in order to regain young assets and prospects.

Under this circumstance, I would say, all bets are off and all options are open for discussion. 

One ace in the Canucks deck is Ian Clarke. It seems he can turn almost any goaltender into a high-end talent. Marky came to Vancouver as a reclamation project. Clarke turned him into a star. Demko was doing ok until Clarke developed him into the star he is now. Clarke's fingerprint is all over Spencer Martin's game and seems to have revitalized him. 

Who knows?

Maybe Martin deserves a better look.

I must admit, I am curious.

Montreal wouldn't make sense unless they could find a new home for Price but, Buffalo could make a ton of sense. They need a legit starter and Demko definitely fits the bill.

I would definitely consider a deal, as long as both are unprotected. I'm not giving up a top-five goaltender, under a great contract for that many years without a steep price being paid.

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I wouldn't do McDavid straight up for Demko. Sure, even at his best if McDavid is scoring 1.5-2 points per game directly contributing to 1-2 goals a game, Demko is saving many more.


A good goalie is far more important to a team than anyone else, even a generational forward. We get a McDavid/Crosby-type player and that's great, our PP gets going and we score more goals, but with an average goalie in net we'd leak in far more goals than we'd score. Just look at the mess the Oilers are in and they've got two McDavids.


Demko is as untouchable as anyone is in the league IMO.

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