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  1. Ne er heard of him until the draft but I like the skillset and aggression. Hope to see him in a couple years.
  2. Yea, a little misunderstanding of the situation. But, can't think of many teams that would touch a player who is under investigation for sexual misconduct until the situations been resolved and only if the verdict is in his favor.
  3. This one really sux, as he was on my wishlist.
  4. The biggest question mark with any proposal involving JV is that, if he is convicted of sexual assault, then he will not be able to cross the border and his career will be over.
  5. Khaira, imo, makes a lot of sense. Big, physical, and versatile. I see him as a fourth line winger who can move up to a third line role to cover for injuries.
  6. I think it's totally within his reach.
  7. I just heard that too. Who's the wannabe spreading fake news? The return would have to be obscene type. Look forward to seeing him improve on his totals of last season. Predicting 75 to 80 pnts for "The Flow" next year.
  8. I am aware. You do realize that final four teams were four of the biggest teams in the league. That's not a coincidence. I believe that, until we start addressing the lack of aggression in our lineup, we will be a good regular season team but will be a frustrating team to watch in the playoffs and will not win a cup with the current core.
  9. The Vancouver Canucks have a lot of needs but, yes, the focus should still be draft and develop. JB has had great success with top ten picks coming directly into the NHL but, I am not convinced that, at least, one of them is what we need. If anything has been proven time and time again, it's that size does matter when it comes to winning championships due to the increased physical nature that comes with playoff hockey. Yes, there have been a few smaller players that have persevered in the past and provided key moments in winning a championship ( ie. Rocket Richard, Theo Fleury, Marty
  10. I don't think there's any scenario where trading a ninth OA pick makes sense. We are still many pieces away from being a contender. Drafting should still be the strategy for the Canucks. As for ninth OA, as a sweetener? Maybe in a Draisitl deal, or Barkov. It would have to be for somebody pretty special.
  11. I think it's a mix of our top prospects coming directly to the team rather then spending time developing at lower levels and a lot of high end players who are in win now mode. A lot of the time, it's veterans with nice that become available. Most of them don't want to come to a team that isn't ready to truly compete for a cup. In the case of Jones, he's stated a desire to test free agency. I know that if I were gm, trading for a player with an uncertain future would not be something I'd be willing to do. Of course if agreed to a new deal, I'd be more inclined to do a trade but r
  12. I'd have issue giving up 4 1sts for McJesus. 4 1sts for Miller would be a ridiculous ask and get laughed at.
  13. My favorite fit for Miller is with Minny. They need a top six center. Miller has proven he can play the middle effectively. We need a RD. JT Miller to Minny for Matt Dumba, Ryan O Rourke, and the 21stOA 2021 This deal nets us a defender for now and one for down the road. Both bring much needed blueline physicality. We also get another 1st rounder to add another prospect, which is always welcome. Minnesota is in, win now mode. Miller has proven he can play a very effective pivot role, putting up points and providing a little physicality from the forward position.
  14. Nope. not trading the 9OA for a defender whom, I don't believe, I get, at least a full 8 year contract of effective service. Now, if it were 9OA for Parayko and the 16OA, my ears perk up. If McTavish, Clarke, and Eklund are all off the board, I would be looking to move down and pick up extras. Parayko would be a nice, veteran addition. At 16, I'm looking to grab Sasha Pastujov. High skill, edgy player who needs a couple seasons to refine his impressive skillset. Profected to be a top six winger. He's been likened to the likes of Blake Wheeler and Matthew Tkachuk.
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