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  1. This guy's probably a couple seasons away but, Ryan O Rourke out of Minnesota's system.
  2. I remember wanting JB to try offer-sheeting this guy. That was before finding out what kind of dirtbag he is. No way in hell JB touches this situation. Just sucks that a situation arises where we could dump a big contract and it has to be an ass like this that comes available. Canuck luck all the way.
  3. I don't get all the panic. Our top six is going to come round and catch up to the pace established by Horvat, Boeser, Hughes, and now, Miller. Hoglander is holding his own and is still getting a feel for the NHL game. Petey is going to get his game back and will catch up to our top scorers. Schmidt is still getting used to a new system and players. I have full confidence that he will find his zone and start finding points. There is little doubt that our lineup has issues as far as the big picture but, I don't believe we're as bad as our record currently shows and things will improve over the course of the season.
  4. Totally agree. They came out flat and looked tired. If they came out with the same high pressure, high tempo game as they did against the Russians, Canada has another gold today.
  5. There are a few things about this video that go against what you're trying to show. 1. Watching the video really demonstrates how much slower the Russian game is, compared to the NHL game and Tram was still having issues keeping up. 2. In some clips, it really looked like he was trying to be a dynamic, playmaker but failed and then got caught out of position. He needs to keep his game more basic. Take his share of shots but maintain solid, defensive positioning. Trying to play like Quinn Hughes will only work against him. 3. He seemed to look lost at times and missed his assignment. He chased the play a lot leaving open pathways to the net. As stated in point two, he must maintain solid, defensive positioning to be effective. 4. Although he did play a physical style, I didn't see any conviction in his hits. He did hit the opposition but, none of it would instilled any kind of hesitancy in the opposition and would do little to nothing in the NHL. This video shows more of why he needs to come off his high horse if he wants to become a fulltime NHLer. He needs to put his ego on the shelf and admit to his shortcomings as a hockey player and show a willingness to put in the work at the level he needs to be at to even have a chance at a serious NHL career. The key factor in Tryamkin getting drafted was simple. He was 6'8" tall. That's it. If he was 6'1" and played like he did as a prospective draft pick, no one would know, or care, who Tryamkin is. Unfortunately, ego is a tough thing to overcome, and the fact that he's still yet to show any kind of admission to his need for development, doesn't offer any confidence that he will improve.
  6. Wow, Canada looks to be on another level entirely. So far, it's been total domination in every area of the game. Not at all what I was expecting.
  7. I don't see the need. Boeser's a highly effective forward. He needs a full, healthy season under his belt.
  8. I agree. Given that we have Boeser coming up for another contract and Bo getting close again, money is still going to be tight in the future. We, also, have Hogz and Podz coming, possibly, this season (predicting Hogz for sure) which are going to be the completion of our top-six. Although I do appreciate his thinking, I just don't see it being realistic.
  9. Podz is going to be a gem and will be a bigtime player for us. So glad he fell into our lap. Hoglander Pettersson Boeser Miller Horvat Podkolzin That's going to be a lethal top-six and may become the best in the league in the near future.
  10. I think the same could be said about your reply. Imo, you underrate what we're getting back. The whole point to this deal is to relieve Bo of a lot of his defensive zone starts, allowing him to play more in the offensive zone. More offensive zone starts equals more points, making our top-six much more potent. Add to this, the fact that Laughton is a more complete player then Gaudette, at this point and I believe our lineup is a much more cohesive group and is better prepared for a deeper playoff run in the near future.
  11. One thing that's been discussed, at length, in the past is the reliance on Bo Horvat in too many defensive situations to really allow him to flourish offensively. This, imo, is due to the lack of a quality, two-way center behind him. Gaudette is on his way to becoming a good center but is more of an offensive center then a two-way pivot. I really like Gaud but his talents seem more suited to a top two center then a depth one. So, it is with heavy heart that I submit the following proposal. Adam Gaudette, Jake Virtanen, to Philly for Scott Laughton and their 2nd rounder 2021 This deal serves two purposes. First, it gives us a really solid two-way center to follow Bo and provide security at the position. He's a good 3C who's going to get his share of points and provide a gritty element at the position. At 53% last season, he's solid in the face-off dot too. Second, it saves us about 1.2 million in cap space for the upcoming season. The second round pick serves as a balancer in the deal. I would rather attach a Baertschi to the deal but their cap space is limited too. With Patrick's uncertain future, Gaudette is a, more then suitable, healthy replacement. His play has shown he has a lot of upside and may have another level to tap into. Jake's been an enigmatic player who's really had a bumpy road but has enough upside to provide depth to the right team. With Philly's core aging, Virtanen gets a bit more maturation time. A new start may also give him the bump he needs to fully realize his potential. Pettersson Horvat Laughton Beagle Could be a pretty solid center core
  12. It's happening!!! It's really happening!!!! Oh thank the hockey gods!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Rejoice all, hockey's back.
  13. I'm really liking the development in Brisebois' game. Although he'll never be an offensive star, he could, quietly, become a stalwart, third pairing defender for us, maybe more so then any of our other defensive prospects. His biggest advantage is that he can play both sides.
  14. Rathbone signing would set up our left side for the long haul Hughes Rathbone Tryamkin