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  1. This team is in need of much more then a fix.
  2. This is not coach. This is a GM trying to polish a turd he created. TG can only coach a scheme, he cannot go out and execute for his team. They have to absorb and perform. It's sad that TG will probably pay the piper before the true culprit.
  3. My opinions on team management are not as mixed as many CDCers. I started an elaborate post on my key points of why I feel the way I do but found my reply was going to be waaay too long for this thread. Instead I'm simply going to say that my confidences in Canuck ownership, management, and coaching have soured. Poor assessments of the team, bad signings, given away draft picks, bad trades, and lack of clear direction, have all contributed to the current mess that this Canucks team is in. My only hope is that the total and utter failure I believe is coming in 2021-2022 will finally open the eyes of ownership and usher in philosophical changes to team strategy. I am, through and through, a Canucks fan and always hold them dear to my heart but, over the past couple seasons, I've found myself more interested in what teams like the Red Wings and Ducks have been building than the moves of my own team. I now joke that the Kraken will win a cup before the Canucks will. I also find it more fun to watch teams that really want to create championship caliber teams like the Lightning. The most annoying statement to me is the old "just get to the playoffs and anything can happen" approach. A weak statement made to disguise failure. The saddest thing I see are all the seasons spent at the top of the capspace limit with no real value being gained. I don't understand how the Acquilini's can continue to support such incompetence being displayed using their money. Anyway, I could continue to rant but, I'm sure this post will offer enough content to hate on.
  4. Losing Gadjovich to waivers really has the feel of a move that will bite JB and TG in the a$$.
  5. A while ago I heard somewhere (can't remember where) that the NYR had expressed interest in Horvat and offered up Buchnevich which was turned down by JB. I believe I already posted this in another thread but wanted to throw it out there for debate. Bo Horvat to NYR for Braden Schneider, 2022 unprotected 1st rnd pick, and Filip Chytl. Imo, our blueline needs to be rebuilt and it begins with this move. The Rangers are solid on the blueline and can afford to give up a defensive prospect. Braden Schneider is said to be a beast of a dman. Strong, Physical, responsible, and has put up points at every level he's played at so far. That being said, he is still a prospect and has a lot to prove yet. Filip Chytl is a good forward who has yet to meet his full potential. As of right now he is in the, versitile, depth forward category with potential for more. We also get a first round pick in a deep draft to further add to the odds we get, at least, one top-six/top-four player. Having two first round picks in one draft is never a bad thing. As it stands, for me, Braden Schneider is the center piece coming back. I believe he's going to be a top-four dman who, in the future, could find himself on a top pairing with Hughes. He's still a couple years away which also buys time to get to the end of the Myers contract. Bo Horvat is a big loss and it feels more personal but, as a believer in building from the net out, it is a price I'd be willing to pay.
  6. Chick's not too dar behind Hughes in production and is a far more physical defender with better defensive capabilities. He's the type of dman one builds a defensive core around. No way they give that up.
  7. Never heard of this kid until today but, everything I'm reading speaks of a hard working, determined guy with all the tools to develop into a nice pro player. He seems to be a player who will really listen to coaches and work to improve on his skillset and eliminate weaknesses in his game. Very intriguing player. I look forward to seeing what he can bring.
  8. Don't see any way they could. No capspace combined with a big payday for Petey makes it highly unlikely.
  9. Oilers say no. Draisitl's on a great contract and Nurse is the heart and soul of their blueline. If anything, they need to deal McDavid and get that massive contract off the books. The return would be massive and set up the Oilers to be an annual contender for years to come.
  10. It is my opinion that, a deal involving EP40 would signal a change in philosophy in team building. As a traditionalist when it comes to team building, I believe building from the crease out is the recipe for success. We have our goalie in Demko but our blueline is a mess. In any deal of this magnitude, I'm definitely wanting a top four d-man. For this I would be talking to the NY Rangers. EP40 for Filip Chytll, Braden Schneider, 2022 first rounder, 2023 second rounder. Imo, Petey is better then Eichel. With Buffalo's asking price for him remaining rediculously high, it could allow Vancouver management the opportunity to slide in with a solid deal. We get a versitile forward in Chytll who I would slot into a top six wing spot, a solid, top four d-prospect in Schneider, and 2 high picks for their new number one center who would solidify their top six and make them a force in the east. Hogz Horvat Boeser Chytll Miller Garland Pearson Dicky Podz Motte Sutter Macewen Hughes Hamonic OEL Poolman Rathbone Myers Juolevi Schenn Demko Halak Schneider becomes a bluechip d-man for the future.
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