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proposal for Demko

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Lol if NJ would trade Blackwood (having an off-season, 9-9, 3.29 GAA, 0.894 SV%, signed for 2 years, $2.8 mil per), Buffalo Luukkonen (2-5-2, 2.74 GAA, 0.917 SV%; pending RFA) or Montreal Allen (5-16-2, 3.15 GAA, 0.901 SV%; $2.875 million and only 31 years old) along with those 1st's then I'd probably say yes and sign another 1B to replace Halak.  All those guys are still young but if we're moving guys in their late 20's for the next era (Hughes/ Petey/ Garland/ Hog/ Podz... age bracket) then we can have another Markstrom to groom, plus a couple of potential blue-chippers to add to the roster.

Don't get me wrong, Demko is great but I won't lie and say the appeal of a swap like this wouldn't be real.  

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4 hours ago, grumpyone said:

honestly if Montreal, Jersey or Buffalo offered 2 firsts for Demko , would you take it?

Never trade Demko top 10 goalie wins you games not easy to replace..BIG BIG NO

Only 3 players will not trade... 1. Demko 26 - top 10 goalie -- #2 Hughes. 22 age- Star --- 3. Pettersson- 23 age - Futures is bright we have seen what he can do? Possibly if poor season next year? 4. Horvat. 26 -- Solid centre and if we trade Miller we must keep Horvat...

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I think every player can be moved for the right price, and that nobody's beyond being tradeable, but it'd take a huge haul to pry Demko from me. 


The only two players on this team I'm 100% opposed to moving are Hughes and Demko. Podz and Horvat are probably a tier down for me. 

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It would be different if both DiPietro and Martin were lights out.

I'm ok with moving players in positions we have strength in.

Martin is unproven over the long haul.

DiPietro is just unproven.


If you trade Demko you might as well blow up the team including Hughes. And start all over again.



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6 hours ago, CRAZY_4_NAZZY said:

Not a chance.

When you have a clear number one goalie, cost controlled, and someone who is now establish, you don't simply trade them for just a first round pick. 

This is the best answer. The only point of being a team is to win. Why would you trade a key component? The time is now, not in the future.

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2 minutes ago, DontMessMe said:

Connor Mcdavid in his prime (now). 

I think he's movable, and depending on whether Edmonton manages to get their $&!# together or not we may very well see it. 


It'd obviously cost a lot, but he's movable. 


If he's approaching the last year of his deal and has interest in going elsewhere as a UFA they may very well have to take what they can get as opposed to losing him for nothing.


Depends on how they do over the next four years.



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Not a good idea.  It takes way too long to develop a young goaltender.  Demko is 26yrs now and only became a starter last year when he played just 35 games, due to Covid.  A homegrown goalie gives you a cheap contract in his early years and a natural loyalty to the team.


The only player that the Canucks have in their prospect pool that looks like he has the talent to be a starter, is Koskenou and he may be +4 years before achieving his goal.  He will start in Harvard next season, so we'll be able to follow his progress easily.


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