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Swiss league launches investigation into ex-Canucks coach Marc Crawford

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3 minutes ago, Bob.Loblaw said:

I think Bad_BOI_pete was just looking for an excuse to attack homosexuality, and with the Provorov thread locked (thanks in part to him), now he has a new hockey-related thing to rile everybody up about.


Go back to your own echo chamber and keep up the good fight somewhere else.  Most of what you write is surprisingly incomprehensible.  It's like if a TrumpChatGPT was writing your posts or something.  



I think you are using this thread to Atack petey boi...


Petey boi welcomes all types of people in his life... I accept marriage of any two people without thought of Gender or identity... if you want to believe you have no gender i also support that... if you want to transition to a male or a female thats fine by me.... you can come into my house and i will cook you a meal and i will welcome you with arms wide open, i will not be afraid of you hitting on me or anything else... i have not ever had a sexual or romantic relationship with a man but have been open to the thought before but found i prefer woman...


I dont feel comfortable calling people with pronouns like car or grass or clown... i just cant do it... 

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I love how the cameras catch the coaches like this in the Swiss league. Now this is entertainment.


Imagine if this aired on HNIC. There would be multiple people fired. Gotta love it.

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