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  2. Our economy requires constant expansion. Staganation is disastrous for many reasons. Increasingly, profits are coming from otherwise non-traditional sources. Healthcare, education, prisons etc. The worst part is, when new markets are available for healthy economic expansion - green energy for example - people kick and scream for fear of financial security and power.
  3. Then its likely you don't get Pettersson. I think I would prefer Pettersson over PLD 10 times out of 10.
  4. Only way hes going to improve his Full house Ace full of Kings (Petey, Bo, Brock and Hughes, Woo) to quad Aces. Realistically hoping for a forward - Newhook, Krebs or Podkolzin for me.
  5. Lol I can speak Russian and I can honestly say most Russian guys dislike how Asian Vancouver is. Not saying it's right or wrong, but that's why he went back.
  6. The boomers? No, of course not, they have it made compared to millenials. Unfortunately, they are still the ones in power. They took the booming economy of the greatest generation and turned it into what we have today. Most millenials would love to be able to afford a home, car, and two kids on a single white/blue collar income but that's no longer the reality. Now there's large student debt/bank loan debt, low wages, and an ever increasing cost of living.
  7. What’s wrong with burning Kings Landing and everyone in it? The Mad Queen learned from Sansa that you have to be concerned about how are you going to be feeding all those people after a battle. (Re: Sansa posing that question in Winterfell). Danny didn’t want people to starve so kill everyone and food problem solved. Think outside the box.
  8. I don’t think you really read my post. You’re missing the point about “life cycle”. We are at a very different stage than Florida. We are in a rebuild, they are in an urgent need to win now, and lack the experienced depth required to do so. We don’t make that deal because we’re rebuilding, Florida looks at that deal because it helps solve some of their major issues. That’s why they are good trading partners. You really need to read a post before you comment on it
  9. Tryamkin’s rights are worth next to nothing with him u err contract in the KHL for another year Same goes for Karlssson. It’s only his rights as he’s not actually u set contract to the Canucks and he’s currently playing in Europe. The 2nd is a 2nd. You're offering practically nothing and wanting the 13th overall in return.
  10. If EP were 30 Lbs. heavier ....that stare alone would keep people off his back...! Even at his current size he is hitting people off the puck when he gets the chance, reverse hitting huge along the boards...and not at all looking like a Bambi in the headlights....1
  11. Well, I certainly wouldn't say you're wrong or that it's not a good plan. When I switch hats and look at it from your perspective, I agree about staying the course and improving conservstively. The variable for me is the increasing drumbeat of expectation after ... (a) the past five years of erosion-losing ... and ... (b) the excitement of this past season in being closer to competing than we thought. The drumbeat of expectation to make the playoffs is only going to get louder now that Pettersson, Hughes, Boeser, Gaudette, Demko, etc, are all here. So as much as "staying the course" makes sense - which we still need to do - a significant portion of the fanbase is going to expect this team to be making the playoffs next season. And whether that's realistic or not, the expectation will undoubtedly be present. So, for the past five seasons (at least), we have struggled to score goals. It's a major issue that needs to be addressed. It is the very one dimension that needs to be improved upon sooner rather than later taking into consideration the expectation I mentioned above. In my mind, Skinner takes us to the next level in our ongoing need for scoring plus puts us in a much better position to satisfy the increasing expectation of playoffs in the short term. He's a 30-40 goal scorer at 27. Imo, adding Skinner would provide the right conditions for our Top 6 to be successful, pulling them forward to the level where they need to go to be successful. At the same time with the Top 6 more stable, it would allow for Gaudette and Virtanen to take the next step in the bottom six and emerge organically along with other development pieces. Just my .02. I'd say ... 1. Add Skinner 2. Continue to stay the course 3. Draft a Scoring winger (for end of Skinner contract) 4. Draft a Dman 5. Look for affordable UFA 6. Be vigilant in trade market
  12. Latvia had to win to stay in tourney next year....
  13. Good news is, he plans to come back apparently.
  14. I hope there's going to be a few large banners " The Lottery sucks" or "The Lottery is rigged"
  15. The Daily Hive,. Keeping it alive.
  16. People are still thinking of the 2011 Lucic. Not the 2019 Lucic
  17. Sharks have no Karlsson and no Hertl. Pavelski is a game time decision. Unless someone steps up big time, this series is most likely over tonight.
  18. Not a fan of guys with missing letters from their name. What the heck is Bode? That name is clearly missing at least an ‘r’ and likely an ‘i’ too. What else is this kid missing?
  19. Like if im Florida i would naturally ask about the Russian wanting to live in a real beach city and make money with a good team over 60 game Tanev. If they get Tree hed turn around into a #2 with Ekblad. Thats a winner of a trade for 13th. Throw in a big scoring russian FA or Goalie We could even take Luongo back if hed waive and go ltir or something. To help with their cap for going after agents and add value.
  20. How about AG and our second. That would work. Or Tanev and our second and third, that would work. Screw that.
  21. Tryamkin signs with Panarin Karlsson has weight of a low second. Add a high second. For 13th. They get better now and in the near and further future for trading getting better in the future
  22. A CDC Wedding?... Grats! Looks like the weather cooperated.
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