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  2. Kayley Pickaninny comparing Trump's photo op to Churchill inspecting damage after the Blitz.....
  3. That would be a great social experiment, if nothing else.... I could actually envision a scenario where the Tea Party and Socialists have bled enough support from the center that the Republicans and Democrats would be forced to form a coalition and would have to work together.....
  4. I suggest a "Battle Royal" format competition between the three of you. Loser has to move to Port Hardy and second place gets Duncan.....
  5. The two party system isn’t helping the country at all. For a large democratic country, one would think that more choice would be available. Sadly, Kang and Kodos seem to hit the nail on the head.
  6. easily the most controversial SNL sketch, but awesome too. There was a good gif for this, but not appropriate and I don't feel like getting another ban!
  7. I saw this on YouTube few years back, I can’t believe what you used to be able to say on TV.
  8. Your last paragraph, we need more parties down here for sure. Liberal party for Sanders voters, split into regular GOP and something more far right and stronger green or libertarian party. Two party thing is not doing it for me.
  9. No my Furher is not, but he’s not technically mine. He broke my heart when he wore blackface with a banana shirt on
  10. Carolina Updated Trading Block: Marian Hossa Peter Mueller Mike Comrie Pierre-Marc Bouchard Martin Hanzal Rostislav Olesz Dominic Moore Brendan Morrison John-Michael Liles Niklas Kronwall Tom Preissing Tim Gleason Mike Commodore Jimmy Howard Semyon Varlamov Continuing to work the phones/DMs for deals.
  11. CBH made a point earlier about "labels" and I think it's important to underscore. A certain poster from Alberta likes to label every poster he disagrees with as "far left", (he has called me that several times) but I just think you sound silly when you say things like that. Hardly anyone is "far left" or "far right". Most of us have issues we support on both sides of the spectrum, making most of us more or less centrists. In the final analysis, it's more a case of which way we "lean". I have no problem whatsoever with admitting that I am "left leaning", but when we start labeling anyone with opposing views "far" anything, we've succeeding in ensuring that what might be a relatively small gulf, will never be bridged.
  12. Why can’t it be both? That’s the great thing about democracy and freedom is thatthere can be more than 1 perspective on someone. The vast majority of people in North America love Trump. Fact. The only places that don’t in concerning numbers are places like Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago and Montreal.
  13. Yeah I think you nailed it here. He's whatever he has to be. He'll often take both sides of an issue just to send people round and round in circles. This thread is a perfect example. You have people searching old quotes to prove he didn't say this or that. Then someone else points to a counter quote. What they fail to realize is likes to take both sides of an issue. Take Charlottesville for example. That "very fine people on both sides" quote got him in a lot of trouble. But you can find other quotes where he did condemn the Neo Nazis. He does this so his defenders (like Sarah Sanders) can toss that in the water like chum and dismiss the lunacy he's created. Then people just go back and forth foaming at the mouth on both sides and nothing is accomplished. He's on record as saying he enjoys chaos. He loves to see people fighting (at least verbally). A person who thinks like that and has no guiding principals is literally the worst possible person you could ever pick to be a leader. Imagine a captain of a hockey team like that. Always dividing, always creating and relishing in chaos. No interest in cohesion but rather mayhem. The giving interviews and blaming everyone else. That's not how you make your team great again.
  14. To Carolina: Nikita Filatov Evander Kane To ST.Louis: Martin Hanzal Semyon Varlamov
  15. Again some folks might choose to vote for him purely for reasons of business. He won over a lot of small business owners with his tax reform for them specifically. A lot of voters silo and compartmentalize their feelings about political leaders if they see personal benefit and financial growth from that political leader. The pill is easier to swallow when they make more money. I can’t. All I can do is reiterate what I said before. People will tend to put their personal beliefs on hold when they stand to benefit financially. It’s proven over and over again. Drumpf is nothing more than an opportunist that does whatever will enrich him first. The establishment is the problem as much as the megalomaniac. While the GOP is a vile political organization that’s compromised completely, the DNC isn’t really that much different. They’re both horribly partisan. People have to demand larger changes than just moving a goalpost once every few years. The establishment on both sides wants to keep the establishment happy and well fed. Giving more to the average person and taking more from the top doesn’t work for them.
  16. I doubt Tara Reade’a accusations of Joe Biden, but let’s say it’s true. If I vote for Joe in November am I supporter of women being assaulted and raped? What if I don’t vote and Trump wins, have I indirectly supported racist regime?
  17. Or, more likely, they just crank up the escrow to account for the lost revenue.
  18. Dallas Stars waive Stephane Robidas
  20. You are making an important point here, but we may not have a single partner in the organization at this point that could fill that roll - we don’t have a Seabrooke type to partner a Keith. But, we may be able to partner him appropriately by committee, in different game conditions - if he is being challenged physically with a more physical partner, if we are early in a game playing at an ear even score, late in a game in which we are behind with a more active partner, and so on. I think this would particularly work with a Hughes because of his high hockey IQ, from his standpoint, he can play with anyone and get the best contribution for the team from his partner - as evidence his play with a Schenn at the outset, and then with Rafferty for a few shifts in the last half of Rafferty’s second NHL game - a period and a half that I wish to heck I had a recording. But now how this relates to Tryamkin - we have seen in this aborted season that toward the end that the physical play against Hughes had significantly tamped up. We don’t really have on our current defence, that kind of player - and I don’t mean someone who will necessarily drop the gloves at the drop of a puck, I mean someone who will respond to a marginal hit on Hughes with a crushing check, a slash with a bigger slash, and a cross-check with a cross check. I think Tryamkin May be the guy to roll out in those circumstances.
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