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  2. What pm? I never get invited to pms unless it's J trying to scam me. So far at least.
  3. Of course he is he has to be now that he's been outted but let's wait to see what role he claims shall we?
  4. Literally he's my top scum suspect. Stop pretending he's not.
  5. Is this a trap? (I've learned to not get my hopes too high and wait and see...if we're healthy, absolutely. But I don't want to jinx it so....)
  6. Then why not just start your own franchise instead of the obvious PC move that this is.
  7. Some thoughts on Ferland/Virt/Green/Canucks, a great interview/perspective overall:
  8. Daniel Craig is playing James Bond. But don't let that stop you from being outraged.
  9. Listened to the guys on am 650 Sportsnet radio earlier and they say this will take a while. Everyone waiting for other RFA comparable players to sign first. This could take all summer!
  10. Next "world war" will be a nuclear war (which we can all hope it'll never happen). Having "boots on the ground" will be irrelevant.
  11. Well near as I can tell, the new 007 isn't named James Bond with a female playing the role but ANOTHER agent taking that number 007. Whether the situation will be like when that puke took the retired #11 on the Canucks remains to be seen.
  12. would you take Lucic with 2 first rounders as sweetner?
  13. The "soy generation" would more likely be promoters/supporters of peace, not war. And don't be so sure....many who stand so strong in their convictions would also fight valiantly if need be. Not sure how you lump a group of people together based on their decision to stand up for certain causes in the first place? The people who did go to battle in wars had their own ideas and beliefs and fought for the freedom TO speak out for social injustices. The right to be heard and not just accept things because they've always been a certain way. So it seems strange to somehow compare the two in a "good/bad" way.
  14. Lol that and everything else I have been posting about him and what 112 just said about him (though maybe scum team is just gonna bus him now)
  15. Damn. Wish we could get steals like this. Seems that we always have to pay market price or just a bit more out here.
  16. We are happy to bring Valtteri and Michael into the mix for the 2019/2020 season. They are both established veterans that can provide an offensive boost. Valterri will have the opportunity for a top 9 C position and Michael will have the opportunity to make the big club this year. We know they are both seasoned veterans that will be key depth for the Ducks this year.
  17. You are exactly what you are complaining about. Do I have to remind you again that you are outraged over casting in a movie? *You* are whatever you think the "soy generation" is.
  18. your rolling eye emoji makes me uncomfortable
  19. All depends on his health. A healthy Baertschi is definitely with $3.6M. We'll see in a few months I guess.
  20. James Bond is supposed to be a male. Real simple. The whole diversity movement asks for equality but I see more of it as being shoved in your face whether you want it or not. Charlize Theron is Atomic Blonde was supposed to be that - a female Bond type character and that was actually not a bad movie. But this whole recasting of Bond reeks nothing more than the diversity crowd making you eat their version of diversity. And you can't complain no matter how much logic is on your side because that would be bigoted.
  21. This would make no sense for Calgary. Sure, Lucic would help come playoff time, but that price tag, along with Russell’s coming back, put them back to exactly where they are now, which is a team trying to find the cap space to extend both Tkachuk and Bennett.
  22. Loui has played a lot in AHL so what's the difference?
  23. Yeah, it's not like he's Brett Hull or someone who's actually a traitor to his country.
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