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  2. All governments have a history of doing stupid things.
  3. I agree that EP and Rantanen both have good wrist shot and one timer but that's where the similarities end in my opinion. Kane isn't known for his shot because other stuff that he does are world class. Kane has a pretty good wrist shot I think. Kane has 50 playoff goals in his career. But yeah, he doesn't have as good a slapper as EP. EP has dangles. Kane has dangles. Rantanen doesn't really have dangles. EP's on ice vision seems to be as good as Kane. Does Rantanen have that elite hockey vision? Not bad but meh. I don't know. It seems like EP is more like Kane with slap shot rather than Rantanen.
  4. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread

    No 8 (Blujus ?) for Utica on the the Marlies 3rd looked too slow to be anywhere near a playoff game. Demko is being exposed by poor defending imo.
  5. CDC Puck 2017/18

    The depth of hockey in that family? And he was coaching... He understands hockey. Does not want what happened to Steve. But underneath knows it just happened. I doubt they want people not to be fans of their own team. The grass roots is bringing kids to see the team they root for. Hoping they grow up wanting to skate, be in the pro's some day. I mean some, like Capn, still bear emotional scars. Build rivalry. Its ok as long as its just rivalry. Steve was very much on that fine edge right with Bert. Who was just 50 odd pounds bigger. Dumb luck made Steve's penalty bigger. But everyone lost. I don't wish what happened to Steve or Bertuzzi. Wear your jersey with pride! * My spidey senses already envision a much more emotional comment on this from Apollo...
  6. lol so funny hope guy lived it up with the fajitas money
  7. Today
  8. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    With these stats and play?! No way!
  9. Bure vs Boeser

    Actually he was trying to get Gino a better contract. It even got Bure benched a few times. lol
  10. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Elias looks like a young Predator! (with first victim..)
  11. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Way to kill a joke WarHippy! For the record I agree, also for the record, not drafting defence until the later rounds ‘cauz no 1st round d make it to the NHLz, shoulda drafted Kopitarz’ isn’t a strategy I support. EmW
  12. I'm cheering hard for OV. I don't know if I can handle the Pens winning another cup. He has pretty good playoff numbers. Almost a point a game when it's even tougher to score. He'll still be the scapegoat if they lose not matter how well he plays.
  13. CDCGML 2017-18

    Omg... if the oilers get 1st overall again....
  14. The myth about Veteran leadership (Discussion)

    Finn is a great veteran mascot. Look at how bad it got when crazy George was let go!
  15. Darth Maul swings both ways.

  16. Bring back Gully?

    Crawford or AV, sure. Gully, no! Hell, give Torts a second shot! BUT ... We've got to protect our Green! Don't push me!
  17. Dahlin is more likely to pan out than Demko
  18. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    I'm guessing 4th
  19. Remember some were saying you can't rebuild on the fly, and you have to tank? San Jose and Boston may not win a cup but with the right moves, you can rebuild on the fly. The difference you need depth, good drafting even in the later rounds.
  20. Bure vs Boeser

    Some serious truth telling going on in this post! Although I sense some appeasement, placation, spot on with the Sherwood! 50 to the 30, 189 style! Well done!
  21. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    I was able to get My hands on these.. . (Placards)? Now i just need EP and JD to sign them
  22. Canuck's Top 10 Prospects

    Same here, Ive been following the team since late 80,s theres never been this much talent coming up the ranks. We aren't just expecting these guys to make the team and its a job well done. We expect them to make a difference, especially the top 5, who might be the cornerstones of this team along with Brock and Bo. We've come along way from getting excited on guys like Subban, Shinkaruk, Grenier, Matt Beattie or even Mats Froshaug LOL
  23. PuckBreak's 2018 Mock Draft

    Tkachuk fills another need and thats size upfront and grit. Honestly, we could use an A$$hole on the team that will drive the opponents bananas
  24. Canuck's Top 10 Prospects

    Getting carried away is much too easy. I certainly do it too often. But great work. I enjoyed your lists. I figured you need a beer after all that effort so I gave you one. I agree there is a lot of guesswork here but what you have looks good to me. Your lists are not identical to what mine would be, but are pretty close. I like where you have slotted in this year's draft picks. They look about right to me. The only place where I would have a significantly different view is with the trade values before the draft. I think they are more optimistic than my expectations would be. With MDZ and Gagner, they are obviously legitimate NHL players and should, apart from their cap hits, be worth more than a mid-round pick. But their cap hits are pretty high for what they do, so I don't see much of a market for them until the trade deadline gets close. I think the Baertschi value is about right. But the Tanev trade is high given his injury history. I don't see a lot of trade value for the other guys. I also agree that this is an exciting time. I have been critical of Benning, and continue to be critical of his handling of most aspects of the job. But I think he has done a good job with the draft and acquiring prospects. That is clearly his comparative advantage and I think he should have played to it by acquiring more draft picks along the way. But, even without that, by the time the 2018 draft is over I think the Canucks could have best prospect pipeline or under 25 group in all the time I have been following the team. They were good just before the Sedins turned 25 and Kesler, Edler, Hansen, and Bieksa were in the system. And the young guys were impressive in 1994-95 (just before Linden turned 25) as, in addition to Linden, Bure, Gelinas, Odjick, Aucoin, and Mike Peca were all young guys on the team and Ohlund was in the system. (but Linden had turned 25 before Naslund arrived up the following year). But, after this draft, the current young group could be the best ever. We just need one more really high end talent (preferably on D) to add to Pettersson, Boeser and Horvat to provide that nucleus that you need to build a cup contender. (You also need a good goalie, so Demko is important also.)
  25. PuckBreak's 2018 Mock Draft

    Bouchard from what Ive seen might have the trajectory of a Ryan Ellis. Elite scoring D-man in junior, but probably a mid range top 4 dman. Hughes I think with the right coaching can be a star. Hughes sometimes plays a little too over confident hence him being a liability but I think with experience, he'll be able to be a top pairing guy
  26. PuckBreak's 2018 Mock Draft

    I'd go Dahlin Svechnikov Zadina Tkachuk Boquist Hughes Anything after those guys are pretty much anybodys guess, I don't even mind if the Canucks drop to 12 -15 to grab Veleno or Merkley and get 2nd rounder and a mid round pick even. Im not completely sold on Dobson Bouchard or Wilde. They might be decent players but if you can move down and get multiple high picks back it would be well worth it.
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