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  2. Aladeen flipped town when he said he had his wisdom teeth out
  3. Zfetch suspects me because MR suspected him who I agreed with (in terms of MR’s thought process). unvote vote Zfetch because I know I’m TP so Zfetch is attacking a TP which is a red flag EZ
  4. Last time someone claimed a cold(Stamkos) they were mafia. Coincidence?
  5. I don't have a read on him yet but I think if he is, it'll become obvious soon enough
  6. I wish cdc had a dark theme option because it's so hard to read through pages when you have a cold and your eyes water when you look at a bright screen
  7. Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there! 

  8. All I'd say at this point is I think she's been more scummy than usual and more scummy than most players in the game so far. I don't know if that's a "scum lean" uh oh
  9. Ditto, that it seems the mandate when he was signed was to play with the Sedins and to do a quick rebuild but the lottery balls did not produce any top 3 pick(s) during those years despite having the worst record in the league... Also, I do agree with you second point: that he was given every opportunity to increase his value by the coaching staff but he failed to still produce and to add insult to the whole situation he is now whining. I wonder how the young core feels about that ??? Atleast, Lucic acknowledges to a certain degree that he has to produce more and still a no to a Lucic trade. My only point, is that if I was in his shoe, I would at very least add value by mentoring the young core and to not make it too obvious that Iam overpaid.
  10. Considering that Benning suggested he wants to add size in the later rounds and emphasized a lot on the Blues size on the blueline, at 40th overall I feel Kaeden Korczak and maybe Henry Thrun in the third round at pick 71. I think with too many dynamic offensive forwards available at number 10, they will take a forward and focus afterwards on big Dman and big wingers in the later rounds.
  11. It can't just be me but it's gotta be bloody obvious that GEN is mafia
  12. My 1st beef against Google: " Back in January, Google announced a proposed change to Chrome’s extensions system, called Manifest V3, that would stop current ad blockers from working efficiently. In a response to the overwhelming negative feedback, Google is standing firm on Chrome’s ad blocking changes, sharing that current ad blocking capabilities will be restricted to enterprise users. Manifest V3 comprises a major change to Chrome’s extensions system, including a revamp to the permissions system and a fundamental change to the way ad blockers operate. In particular, modern ad blockers, like uBlock Origin and Ghostery, use Chrome’s webRequest API to block ads before they’re even downloaded. With the Manifest V3 proposal, Google deprecates the webRequest API’s ability to block a particular request before it’s loaded. As you would expect, power users and extension developers alike criticized Google’s proposal for limiting the user’s ability to browse the web as they see fit. Now, months later, Google has responded to some of the various issues raised by the community, sharing more details on the changes to permissions and more. The most notable aspect of their response, however, is a single sentence buried in the text, clarifying their changes to ad blocking and privacy blocking extensions. They can kiss my bleep. Just installed Firefox for the first time in over 5 years - I for one, will be dumping Chrome as I use uBlock Origin.
  13. shiznak

    NBA Discussion

    The only team Jordan ever played, in his prime, was with the Bulls and even then when he “retired” the first time. The Bulls were still a pretty good team without him. He never made or demand any front office decisions to further his odds of a championship. He just went out there and proved why he is the best. LeBron went to Miami, to play with a player who was arguably the second best player behind him, and then preceded to recruit Bosh for a Championship. Once, both Wade and Bosh had injuries problems he bolted back to Cleveland, who then already had Kryie, who was becoming an superstar on his own. Still wasn’t satisfied, he again recruited Love. Now with the Lakers, he tried to court Kawhi and AD to join him in LA, earlier in the season. LeBron will be one of the all-time greats, but he will forever be known in my eyes as someone who needs a superteam to further his odds as a Champ.
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