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  1. Keep them handy, the orgy pit will be ready soon...
  2. I might return at some point but not this game still way too busy
  3. OMG Hurricane?

    For those of you that don't know I'm an officer in the USN based out of NAS Key West , I work as a liaison of sorts with the Coast Guard dealing primarily with judicial matters but also when the need arises disaster response which in this case was primarily coordinating my wings missions. So for me its been an interesting week , I rode out Irma with some great guys and luckily the base I reported too wasn't too hard hit and we where able to begin rescue efforts immediately. My house is mostly fine minus most of the roof and my garage but that's what insurance is for. My neighbor's are all safe and their houses still stand but my office on base was destroyed. Also my Aunts house flooded but again insurance is great so not a major concern Key West took a tough blow and it's still recovering and will be for some time I'm just very thankful that the fatalities weren't higher @souprshooter hopefully your place came through ok? Yes unequivocally yes we got lucky incredibly lucky that Irma died down a bit before hitting the Keys and then the panhandle otherwise it would have been catastrophic.
  4. OMG Hurricane?

    Last post for a few days at least. Sounds like power is out across the keys and a friend of mine that's staying behind and lives a few houses down just texted me that the wind has already knocked down my fence so its already getting bad there. Currently I'm with several of the Coast Guard rescue crews that I've been attached to for the last few days in a shelter waiting until this passes or at least diminishes to the point that we can begin rescue operations. This is going to be a rough few days for everyone down here but I'm hopeful that with proper preparation injuries will be minimized. To everyone else in the areas that are about to get hit good luck and stay safe
  5. OMG Hurricane?

    Thanks. Also just found out I'm being seconded to CGAS Miami to help with preparation and potentially any rescue efforts that need to be undertaken (as I'm sure there will be should Irma make a direct hit on the panhandle). It sounds as though Irma is less than 48 hours out, I'll keep posting updates on the situation until it hits.
  6. OMG Hurricane?

    That is correct it was supposed to go into effect at noon Wed, I was informed yesterday that I was to report to Mayport instead as NAS Key West is being evaced of all non essential personal which doesn't bode well. I'm not surprised by the evac order as most of my neighbors where already on their way out when I left to go help my Aunt out but for the base to evacuate that kinda caught me off guard. Really hoping that everyone who can get out of the likely impact areas evacuate sooner rather than later as there is little to be gained by staying behind in a cat5. I'm not looking forward to the clean up but luckily I sent all my irreplaceable belongings to Seattle with my family so let the water do what it must I'll rebuild and most importantly my family is safe, besides I could use an excuse to put a bar in my attic.
  7. Top 30 Current NHL Players - #16

    Voting Holtby Nominating Josi
  8. OMG Hurricane?

    Hey Im in your neck of the woods right now, I'm up in Fort Lauderdale helping my Aunt prep her house before she heads to her in laws place farther inland. My wife and kids are heading to my parents place in Seattle as a precaution just in case Irma changes up and hits the key's. I'm glad I brought extra gas and plenty of supplies with me as I would rather not have to brave the lines at the local stores right now. Good call
  9. Mafia - General Discussion

    Where yall at
  10. I've already got it in my will that I wish to be cremated and buried at sea, with one cravat that some of my ashes are to be spread with my wifes where ever she requests hers to be spread.
  11. Mafia: Texas Chainsaw Massacre [Townies Win!!!]

    I agree..... no bias..... not at all.... ok maybe a little
  12. Mafia: Texas Chainsaw Massacre [Townies Win!!!]

    Alas I have no time anymore I mostly just browse when I have down time but my job has been keeping me far too busy one day I'll play again
  13. [MAFIA] - No Frills III (Mafia Wins!)

    I'm not tp btw
  14. [MAFIA] - No Frills III (Mafia Wins!)

    vote 112
  15. [MAFIA] - No Frills III (Mafia Wins!)