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  1. While I do sympathize with these kids I would have to say what you have brought up here is very naive. The pandemic so far killed thousands of innocent people around the globe. It hasn’t really affected you yet, but it does not mean it won’t come to us. From what I know there are already 9 deaths in the states. What really is your point here bringing this up? To sound clever? To be against the flow on purpose to show that you aren’t scared?
  2. Day to day is the best news we can get for Hughes and Myers. Don’t dress Hughes unless 100% he is too important in the long run. Say what you want about Myers if he goes down then we have to insert an AHL quality Dman which means we are doomed against Hall and Kessel.
  3. Ok is swearing allowed on this forum. What the F!!!!!!!! Holy S!!!!!! For Ffing real? Roussel what the hell just happene ?!?!?
  4. I think it has to do with how the other team plays him.
  5. Petey! i think CBJ is not physically punishing EP like Toronto did last night.
  6. Honestly he weighed the same to start the year and was on a tear.
  7. I wonder what is going on with Petey. This was the time he started to fade last year. Any chance it’s due to fatigue And the grind of the season again?
  8. We need another goaltender guys. What the heck are we gonna do
  9. Demko can’t handle this. Young man, there aren’t many chances in life to shine. This is your time, loser or winner it’s up to you man. So far you have let in what, like 20 goals in 3 games? Either you get it together or get sent down to Utica and earn minimum wage
  10. Do we have any goalie options on the Free agency market. I am not so sure about this Domingue guy. Demko should be backup at this point in his career. Maybe Luongo can help us out? I mean, just saying .........
  11. I never knew a player could play drunk, will someone give him a ride home ?
  12. DEMKO can’t get hurt now. Protect him
  13. I feel like banning wants to go for it. Not make the playoffs but he wants a cup run I feel like