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  1. I watched it to, i was actually curious what’s he is driving lol. Let be honest many people have done so much worse distracted driving. Not excusing him but not the end of the world
  2. What car does he have, he’s on the right side seat
  3. Blew my expectations out of the water
  4. Look back at this picture you realize mans not even sweating
  5. That’s what happens when center graduate to the NHL farm team takes a bit of a hit
  6. Why would he need to brush up on defense? Defensive Breakdowns are a Canucks specialty.
  7. For all the ways they taken step back compared to the older better games Franchise mode is one of the few spots they have improved on if that’s what you are buying it for. But just to let you know the coach hiring system is wack.
  8. No where near as good as 13 14 but way better than 18 19 if it’s still sub 30 dollars yeah worth but still not that great of a game.
  9. Just wipe with your hand and wash it after
  10. Ekman Larson said some good things about him to
  11. The leagues aren’t comparable KHL makes around 50 Million NHL makes around 5 Billion NBA makes around 8 Billion
  12. This whole trade Brock is ridiculous and needs to stop, our team has felt the lack of offensive threat and needs him
  13. Isn’t that where you put your top point getters? You know shelter them
  14. This man added toff to the deal because he seen how unfair the package heading back to van for Brock looked. JUST STOP