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  1. The only thing I can yell at green for lately is having Loui stapled to horvat. PLEASE BOYS WAKE UP START FAST AND SCORE. Maple laffs have beer league mentality
  2. I haven’t been paying that close attention to him, but it seems like he’s got an engine on him. Bottom 6 gem maybe???
  3. Well Hughes skating is literally a cheat code
  4. Imagine not scoring enough goals on a dog team with a dog goalie and probably going back to loui on your 2nd line again Saturday.
  5. Yeah I’d love to see him drop the mitts
  6. I do I just chose not to care so there you go I’d like to let you know their kids are terrible people and they’re degenerates Edit: I’m also sure if I went through your posts i could grammar nazi your post as well.
  7. Not trying to be rude or toxic, but I don’t think you understand how muscle mass works.
  8. So much talk about being more structure in front of Demko, that didn’t look very structured but he got it done for us
  9. Very odd statement, the more muscle mass you have to quicker you tire. It take a lot more oxygen and cardio to deal with being bigger. there is a reason everytime a fighter goes up in weight class there is always a concern with there cardio
  10. Can we get loui out of our top 6 he bring missed chances in bunches
  11. Quinn’s first year vs Dahlin first year... also I understand it’s a team sport... But do you know what a facilitator is, Quinn makes thing happen. And the piece around him have been great
  12. Hughes made us close to top of our conference.