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  1. If he reaches all of his ceiling in his game he could definitely be a top 2 unlikely but possible
  2. Big time opportunity for OJ expect him to play a big part of the Comets with Brog down, time to see what he does in this stretch
  3. I think the Canucks can afford trades at this point till with have Hughes and Petey locked up just stay the course of theres a rental rent don’t get anything with term
  4. Something about this man is motivating the shhhh out of horvat. Keep up the hard work. Also less not forget loui first goal as a Canuck he was just letting us know what we were in store for. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Pt9KxLBfB50
  5. What are some flaws in his game that make you say he is destined to not be a NHLer?
  6. You can’t just look at point when evaluating a player, environment, character, work ethics, and natural ability and play style all count too. Not just points
  7. “Tanev is number 5 because he no score lot points” that mans post is a joke he calls Hughes a #2 because of his defense and tanev a 5 because he plays amazing defense lmfao
  8. Great to hear you are feeling good, also do you think it’s kinda wild the CDC is giving up on this kid you need good 4th liner that play hard. This kid seem like he can be another Motte
  9. Jesus is this kid going to get a chance to play up in the bigs yet???
  10. Only room for the Canucks roster on Marky’s back none of this snow, got to heavy
  11. I don’t care that it’s no goal Marky isn’t mentally ready to carry us to today give Demko a run