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  1. He is shooting a lot they’ll start exploding soon
  2. Hmmm that can’t be right, if it is that doesn’t look good on coaching starting your defensive players in the oZone and your offensive players in the d zone
  3. He might also have a better resume then most of these wingers horvat has had to
  4. I’d just put it in the trash and when the league asked I’ll tell them I don’t know where it went
  5. Hmmmmm I wonder who else he has good chemistry with and currently not on the team but is readily available. ;P
  6. Always like miller as a player but the problem with that is Tampa needed to dump a contract and we gave them a 1st and a 3rd would have been fine with just a 1st
  7. I’m still on the fire Brown and put Hughes on the 1st unit train. That power still doesn’t look good. May be 2/3 but this team isn’t a good one their goalie is a backup at best
  8. Anyone else think motte is an amazing 4th liner
  9. If you get Brown drunk enough maybe his lines on the play board will be more curvy and might help his stale ass powerplays