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  1. All I know is if Karlsson makes an impact on the Canucks I hope nobody goes digging for my posts about the trade originally. He seems like a real good project right now
  2. You know we could see if they want to come back we do need bodies
  3. Unless Miller wants out, we don’t trade him he honestly been our best player half the games. We kinda need him
  4. Did you base that off just this season? Look at last season you know the one not impacted by covid
  5. Ohh no this is terrible the only thing this trade offered us is us not having to pay Guadette this is disappointing
  6. Honestly my knee jerk reaction to this was wow we paid him how much but now that I had time to think about it it’s not even that bad maybe 250-500k overpayment but it’s the Big league some people get contract that are better then them. He’s been productive for us so why not try
  7. The other team knew he was a problem
  8. I may be in the minority but I like Myers and don’t mind his cap hit I think he add things this team need size aggressiveness
  9. SEEN A PICTURE OF MOTTE GOING ON THE ROAD TRIP. It maybe time for our bottom 6 to score some goals. Feels like they just don’t anymore.
  10. Little odd to compare those 2 but, I think Lockwood has a better chance to make the NHL but if both make it I think Madden will probably end up being a better talent. Lockwood looks like a solid bottom 6 options in 1-2 years
  11. I’ve criticized Holtby this season when he hasn’t played well but I understand the value of his experience and love that Demko gets a number 2 he can learn things from. I still think the Holtby signing is good.
  12. Good thing all these game are worth 4 points. Queue up the next 30 for a winning streak.
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