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  1. I’ve seen our forwards bobble so many of those great passes this year and missed out on breakaways
  2. Hughes is just Different, that why there’s so much to like. But gotta give him a bit of a break 2nd year player clocking those minutes and on a bad team to boot, sure it would’ve been nice if he adjusted instantly but give it time he’ll be fine.
  3. In all fairness most of the Canucks team in virtanen tender was pretty bad can’t have thing the same
  4. Hey! I was one of them. BUT I JUST WANTED TO SEE WHAT HE MIGHT BRING IN THE PLAYOFF. Now that I know he can hit the road.
  5. From a point of view from someone who juggles. I’m more impressed at the whole riding a unicycle. When juggle 3 balls it doesn’t take much focus at all
  6. If he hits 35 might have to start calling him Nils Goalander
  7. Honestly sure 80 points would be wishful think but if you deep dive into how he plays kinda reminds me of Brayden point. Could hog get 80-90 points (82 games season of course) in Tampa on the top line? Probably. Can we build a team like that probably not also I’m talk when he’s a little more developed
  8. I’d like to give him like a 10 games stint to truly see if he can stick
  10. Unfortunately more than that but what Buffalo got for Hall, give me hope we maybe could get him super cheap
  11. That wouldn’t make our team any better... that would probably make us worse Eichel at that price tag isn’t worth it for us Eichel isn’t mcdavid he can’t carry a franchise
  12. His skating sometimes puts me in a trance. So who knows what he is.
  13. I’d like to see him on PP 1 and play Huggy as a floater and Bonesy as the shot
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