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  1. Might be a bit bias here (fav player) but HoF for sure players get in with way less credentials.
  2. Petey is a win at all costs guy. I choose him, but know matter what we get torched in any trade involving these 2 they are special.
  3. I feel like he’s decently far along in learning English seems like he can understand it decently. Maybe just has troubles forming sentences.
  4. Anybody touches Hogz, Podz is going to be in their grill all night long.
  5. All the Hughes Slander hurts my head, If you minus Hughes from our Roster last Year and insert Rathbone we are even more $&!# than we where… OUR SCHEME AND DEFENSE WERE ASS ALONG WITH OUR SCHEDULE.
  6. Okay stop with the Plus Minus. People not on the Big junior team will have minus considering Can and USA rack up 10+ against them commonly
  7. Wow Hogz grow like 5 inches this summer must be like 6-2 considering Podz is 6-7
  8. I found this kinda funny
  9. Some are opening up around the 22nd but they can participate in camp without a contract.
  10. I’m sure it will be soon Horvat and Boeser were signed in September
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