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  1. THIS WAS THE PLAN ALL ALONG! Or pay when we were bad so theyd comeback cheap when we are good
  2. Well he’s going to play with McDs garland will be on our second line
  3. Garland didn’t play with players like Marner Matthews Tavarse Lmao good ol deadmonton
  4. I feel scummy saying this. But he owes us a 1year min deal lmao
  5. This kinda has to mean schmidt and Holtby are gone. And Petey and Huggy bridge deals
  6. I think I started to sound like a broken record last year when I was saying you can’t win with ZERO production out of the bottom 6. Lol I’m so glad it’s going to be new and that we protected Motte. Motets honestly a Allstar
  7. I like his opinions normally. But Jesus he talking about OEL like it’s dead cap common… I’m going to laugh when OEL has a career year next year
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