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  1. I moved on from the Canucks Forum after they took the Ukraine war thread down. I have found other ways of following the Canucks and events in Ukraine.
  2. I have spent some time trying to think this thru and not decided whether to continue on this site or not. I have found a lot of value in your posts and would miss that. Your points about what we see on this thread versus others is spot on. Using the actions of a troll to restrict access by moving the thread could be an easy excuse to do the same on many other threads. To a degree this thread has been an education process for many casual readers who had no idea of where Ukraine is even located. Specifically I would mention the 20 lectures by the Yale professor on the history of Ukraine. I listened to them all on this site. Yes I can keep up to date on Ukraine news without this site. I question who benefits from moving the thread to access by an exclusive group? Would Chon have asked for access if he casually cruised thru the site? He is a thoughtful poster and his input would have never happened. Seriously, FA shut this thread down? Give me a break. I am just getting riled up and have better things to do. I have always appreciated your post SAM on here and other threads. This passes as a discussion board. Little discussion involved in this move. It demonstrated a lot of disrespect for the posters on this topic. I don’t accept that ‘this is my house rules’ so sit down and shut up. This move could have been opened to discussion and all the reasons for moving it thrashed out. The way it was done borders on censorship.
  3. You make a good point that makes sense to me. The mods are volunteers. I suspect the 'troll' that was posting early this morning might have triggered the response. Why wouldn't that have been stated when they shut it down? Simple explanation is all.
  4. This is BS. Another way to control speech.
  5. That's quite a diet? Forgot about but still fed. Unlike Canada where those locked up get medical treatment that the average Joe has to wait in queue.
  6. Pretty clear there are big problems in Winnipeg. I have always thought their ops side was upper tier but now find the situation a head scratcher. Management has had 2 high level coaches, Bowness and Maurice, basically walk away. I certainly don't think that PLD is the problem. People quickly point to his desire to move as a character issue. Two teams in his young career, CBJ and the Jets, both with operations problems. IMHO the way PLD has handled this situation appears superior to Thachuk and Gudreau's exit from Calgary. Is Winnipeg management old school types or are they desperately trying for a CUP run at all costs with the existing roster. Whatever, it does not appear to be working. Jeys have 'tear down' written all over them.
  7. Wouldn't he have had insurance?
  8. GEI or Gibson Energy has joined TransCanada and Enbridge by buying $1.1 billion USD Buckeye Partners oil terminal and export facility in Texas. Joining a list of Canadian companies who cannot get support for investing in their own country.
  9. This is so outside of hockey. Who knows where his loyalties lie?
  10. An expansion team from Mars will likely win the CUP before Vancouver.
  11. As I pointed out in another thread I think Canuck fans should start worrying about the exposure to Russian players. It is not business as usual inside Russia. This country is descending into anarchy and possible civil war. What that means to hockey players here is unknown. IMHO they will have to decide whether to apply for permanent status or return to families in Russia. We don't know what pressure is being put on them or their families. If/when civil war breaks out it will be about feeding people there not about hockey. I would not be surprised to hear that the KHL and their minor leagues folding. Will these players play elsewhere? Will they be conscripted? Will Try come to NA. I suspect he will if he can. I don't see a fit for him in Van anymore.
  12. Some fair enough points but I would point out that Linden spent years with the NHLPA as director and President for 8 years. He knew the business side of hockey. He had been away running his own businesses for 6 years before coming back as Canucks President of hockey ops. It was Linden who hired Benning as GM. Benning had years of experience. IMHO Linden was an excellent hire and should have been allowed to set the franchise direction.
  13. The Russian players on the Canucks are a potential risk. Will they go or will they stay? They all have families back in Russia and therefore at risk of physical threat or extortion. We have little idea of what they experience. IMHO they will likely have to make a decision as to whether they will apply for permanent residency in Canada or the USA. We don't know what how the various jurisdictions will view such apps. There is little doubt that Russia is descending into anarchy and likely civil war. What civil rule exists will collapse. I would not be surprised to hear that the KHL has folded. Where will money come from to fund ongoing hockey programs in Russia when feeding people takes precedence? This is not business as usual as much as many wish it was.
  14. Why would the Canucks sign a bottom pairing d-man to play 1RD? No! Time for the Canucks to build towards 2026 and not sign patchwork players who will not be apart of that.
  15. Your take is pretty accurate IMHO. Most Canuck fans are worried about resigning Petey this summer which is fair enough but the biggest issue remains roster depth and overall quality. Ultimately Petey and Hughes could become building blocks whether they stay or are moved. IMO the Canucks have required a major rebuild for 10 years and have never done so. Fans, media and ownership are so fixated on winning now that building a actual contender is sacrificed. Yzerman built T Bay and he is doing the same in Detroit. I am sure there are many fans there who are unhappy with how long it is taking. Moving Hronek and Bertuzzi were smart long term moves. The Wings have a core now and are moving past where Vancouver is. How long? With incredible luck, player development, and solid GM'ing the Canucks are 3 years away from serious contention. More likely it will be 5 years.
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