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  1. I personally am going to love it when Jordie Benn scores against the Laffers and kicks them out of the CUP race. Of course his point shot deflects into the net off of Hutty.
  2. Obviously we aren't privy to JB's inside knowledge. As fans we speculate which is a big part of fandom. - JB didn't think Gaudette could be a 3rd line regular on a CUP contender. As a center he was suspect on the d-side. Winger? - maybe his health issues scared the Canucks off. - Does Highmore fit on the 4th line? I liked Gaudette's speed and shot and tenacity. I didn't like his size or his FO% or his d-side game. I didn't like his snap kick of his bride during their wedding. I wish him well.
  3. The hype around Turris was pretty high and Arizona was desperate for talent. I think they rushed him. Gretzky was in tough there that's for sure. Turris career is slight above 0.5 ppg so from offensive side he was solid but not great. He's not a bad d-side player so I thought he could develop that side of the game to extend his career.
  4. Kyle Turris: I never liked the fact that Arizona played him at 18 & 19. A year after that he spent a whole season in the AHL. Gretzky coached him and was tough on him so you wonder what the story is. His work in the Ottawa community was outstanding. Great human being. No real place for him on the Canucks.
  5. All of what you mentioned but I would also point out his PK development. I suspect JB sees him finishing this contract at 3LW with more PK minutes. He has decent size and speed and will be able to shelter Podz to a degree. I think it is Rous who will be gone not Pearson.
  6. Did I mention Trudeau? I can always count on your kneejerk defense of this goof. I did not specifically but I will easily group him in with the history of Canadian leadership deferring to foreign power. What do I expect Canada to do? Clearly to defend Canadian interests in our sovereign territory. You appear willing to defer to the Americans which is a big mistake IMO. It is not a case of gunboat diplomacy yet, as the Russians have made their case to the UN. My concern is the Canadian military's ability to put actual boots on the ground (ice). At what point is the line drawn? I am sure the Ukr
  7. I wouldn't disagree that China is the bigger threat but China has no direct claims in the Artic. The new Russian claims go up to the 200 mile limit and include the Canadian artic shelf. That said the Russians have filed their claim with the UN and have included their supporting scientific material. Their claims do not include any American territory, just Canada and Denmark. Curious, right? I do not trust the Americans or Russians in this matter. IMHO Canada has hide behind the guise of being a minor player in the grand scheme of global relations. I don't swallow that. Canada is a country of 38
  8. I see Russia has expanded their Artic claims against Canada and Denmark. Russia has expanded their military presence in Siberia to assert their claims. Meanwhile Canada’s military expenditure to assert our sovereignty has been a farce. As per usual Canada will depend on the American military to bail us out. False security as the Americans have their own interests in Canadian territory. At what point do we grow up as a country?
  9. Does the Benning lynch mob fade away next year when Podz shows up? I think so.
  10. Not totally negative on this deal. Pearson will be 31 when it expires. He has played some PK and can shift down to 3LW and replace Rous. I suspect Benning sees Podz as his 2RW and Pearson can shift up and down as needed to ease Podz in as a vet presence opposite. Maybe they put Jake on the 2LW for a try. Pearson-Horvat-Podz sounds interesting.
  11. Is anyone suggesting that Edler doesn't play? For me the season is done. Bring players like Jasek, Lind and Gadjovich up for some games is a smart move. What 19 games left? If Utica still has a season that impacts who might be called. Brisbois is playing in Laval, Rathbone can play out the season in Utica. Chatfield and Joulevi are in Vancouver. I was hoping Benn would be moved. Joulevi should play out the season on the 3rd pairing. Chatfield could get some games as well. These players are no longer kids. They are 3 and 4 year pros. This is developing not overexposure.
  12. Dach is a dominating player. I watched Chicago games just to watch him. That said Podz could be equally as important to the Canucks. As you so rightfully point out Podz is the type of player Vancouver needs.
  13. He must have been confused when he was hanging out with the Italian fascist. In retrospect maybe there wasn’t that much difference.
  14. It's a race to the bottom and the Flamers are winning!
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