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  1. I was negative on the idea of a season in the AHL versus the QMJHL and definitely negative on the KHL. Reading opinions I am shifting to Abby. Improve the development and transition process. I am wondering how much time the Twins will spend in Abbottsford?
  2. I was willing to give Schmidt a bit of a bye for last year's performance as most of the team struggled. My biggest concern over his play was the unforced turnovers he made. I often wondered how he was thinking the game. All that aside he did improve somewhat as the season played out.
  3. How much practice time will Abbottsford players get? Every game is a significant road trip. Not sure where the Seattle team put their AHL team tho? It certainly won't be like the Comets who had a much easier travel sched.
  4. Martin was Finance Minister when the IMF told Canada to get their finances together. It was not political will on the Chretien government. Harper started spending in response to a global financial crisis. Trudeau is out buying votes now. Over $5 billion to NFLD to bail out another of their financial sinkholes. They have been playing this game in NFLD for decades. Harper was sent to Ottawa to get a fairer deal for the West and he failed. It was 15 years of lost effort IMHO. If Harper takes the CPC leadership back it will be the ultimate demonstration of how badly the party has crat
  5. So many leveraged plays on the market that when a heavy sell goes on it feeds on itself. Down 2.2% so far today. Ever the optimist so buy.
  6. Back in the 60's we had to have our little yellow books with our vaccination history in them. Official looking stamps. Didn't think much about it. I suppose they could have been forged easily enough.
  7. Markets very upset with Covid resurgence. Don't know whether I can handle another winter of Covid.
  8. If Larsson is the guy then maybe it is time to activate the Twins. Time for a Burkie style flight to Edmonton for some face time. Bring'em home boys!
  9. It might not be in Van but until he is moved or is bumped by another player then he plays IMHO. If he is actually charged with a crime then he is also most likely gone. Many players have been accused of doing things that never amounted to much. Virtanen should get his day in court just like anyone else if that is what it comes too. The hockey issue is something else. His performance isn't/wasn't what it has to be but there were any number of his team mates that weren't much better. Many of them are gone and maybe Jake will be too.
  10. Wasn't LE as they don't know how to load a gun let alone fire it.
  11. Happens multiple times in Chicago every weekend. What's CNN going to do without Covid?
  12. Crafty Jim let Marky and Tanev move to the Flamers to set a precedent for player movement in the division. Lucic goes to Calgary. All in place for Larsson to choose Vancouver.
  13. I am one of those you are probably talking about as far as "not a real Cup contender anyway". If an error is to be made I come down on the side of building toward a serious Cup contending team and doing so by selectively moving vets. That said I had no problem when Benning was signing mid to late 20 year olds in an effort to build a middle age group on the club. Megna etc. All this magnified by the empty shelves JB inherited. Letting players walk without a return is more a Covid Cap crisis. Prior to Covid the NHL Cap was increasing each year on a fairly predictable scale. The new American broa
  14. Part of one of the highest scoring lines in the NHL this past season. With his ask on a new contract Sakic probably had to make hard choices. I seem to remember Landeskog went thru a tough patch 2 years ago. Maybe the dye was cast then.
  15. What is all this about? Jake was accused and is being investigated. I question why it would take multiple months for authorities to determine whether criminal charges should be made or not. They have not. Based on that outcome the Canucks can move forward. Jake is still an asset. He can play the game contrary to many on CDC who over simplify the evaluation. Jake like every player on the Canuck roster has to meet the challenge of finding a spot. If he cannot then he will be gone.
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