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  1. If I remember correctly Kirby Dach had a good game against us last time we played. Canucks are getting lots of shots. They will start going in. Not to worried.
  2. I see Big Mac got into a game last night. About 9 min of TOI but a -1. I like to keep an eye on our ex-players. Will watch Gaud with interest tonight if he gets into the game. The ones that stand out today are McCann and Forsling.
  3. Teams can drift thru a NHL season and mostly shrug off the odd game where physicality costs them a game. Maybe on a back to back it rears it’s ugly reality. There are regular season teams and there are playoff teams. Playoff teams have the ability of playing either a physical or non-physical game or series. Playoffs are most definitely a different game. A heavier game where endurance is often more important than finesse. Size makes a difference. Sadly, losing Gadjovich was more about what he would become than what he is now. Perhaps Pods will make us forget him but I would have preferred having both.
  4. Where's Jim Robson when we need him? I wonder if Linden will sneak into home games incognito?
  5. Not easy to do but I am looking for a more balanced allocation of TOI across the board. Early yet but in the past Green has gone to his top line and to Hughes and, last year Edler, this year OEL. I like a more balanced approach, more like Trotz. It puts pressure on the top players to make the most of their TOI. How many 2 minute shifts did Hughes and JD take last year? A team building towards serious playoff contention cannot do this as a matter of course. It undermines the development of the overall team and lends itself to disunity.
  6. You summarized well. At first blush I wondered what the heck ARZ was doing. Yes, they are bleeding cash and their assets, OEL and Garland were more than ready to leave. That said I had to think that ARZ would/could have held out until the season was underway and then got more. Maybe not what OEL would have been happy with but he could have at least got out of Dodge and then moved where he wanted to as a UFA. Garland is less clear. Was he simply sweetener that JB demanded or was there more to it? Interviews by both these players indicates their desire to play in Vancouver. Yes, young talent with a strong prospect of serious CUP play in the future. Another reason I will throw out there is the integrity and reputation of Jim Benning. All indications are that he is well respected by players and managements around the NHL.
  7. I am at a loss to understand why ARZ made this trade. It had to be financial as OEL was a longer contract. Even so one would think that they could have crafted a better deal during the season. OEL had to waive his NTC so maybe their options weren't there considering his desire for Vancouver. Whatever ARZ reasons this trade has to possibly go into the books on the same scale as Quinn's deal to bring Ronning, Momesso, Dirk and Courtnall to the Canucks. That's a big ask considering the St. Louis deal took the Canucks to the SC Finals in '94.
  8. Different roles, no? Highmore is doing a competent job to date but faces the return of Motte and Sutter which will put him on the bench. Gaudette on the otherhand has a anticipated offensive upside which he has not realized yet. He started strong after the trade but this year has played 2 games at -2 +/- and has been scratched 1 game. I understand that this is a superficial take on Gaudette.
  9. Canucks certainly played well enough to win. Wings tender had a great game. Standouts for me were Garland and Hogs. Garland’s edge work is fun to watch. Cannot think of a comparable. Look out Sabres the Canucks will be in a nasty mood.
  10. I think this road trip is as important as the points. Teams gel on and off the ice. Last season was a disaster for team morale as all the normal bonding gained by trips were mostly lost due to Covid. Hughes enjoys a birthday on the road with many of his team mates. Sounds simplistic but it means a lot.
  11. What strikes me in the first 2 games is the balanced scoring. If BB comes back in then obviously the forward group gets even deeper. The 3rd line will have serious scoring potential. To an extent I think this offensive potential up front should take some pressure off the d-core not just in puck possession time but also the need to play up as much as they do. Generate their offense off the blueline. Chaisson, Horvat and Dickenson can draw coverage back from the blueline to deal with their net front presence. It should give the defensemen more opportunity to generate plays from the blueline. I agree that Podz getting more TOI would be ideal but I also want Rathbone and Burroughs to get more as well. As much as special teams impact TOI I rather Green role the lines with forwards on #3 & #4 lines at a minimum of 10 minutes. Also prefer the 3rd pairing defense at 15 minutes. TOI allocation is about building towards a true playoff contender. IMHO 2 games in this group looks like a playoff team.
  12. Old enough to have watched the first face off of the first Canuck game. Before that I was a Habs fan and watched the last couple of seasons by the Rocket. Loved the Pest Andre Boudrias. He was Habs property until he came to Vancouver. Of course Pat Quinn was on the original team and would come back to GM the '94 Cup run. Schmautz, Rosie Paiement with his shot, Wilkens and Doak on d. Some great memories many of which were from radio with Jim R making the calls.
  13. Podz played more hockey last year than any other Canuck property. A lot of hockey. That said I totally agree that less than 10 minutes a game he should be in Abby.
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