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  1. Hanging on to the past at the expense of future. Sedin's cost us lots but was it worth it I say yes get over it . Now we are moving in the right direction, move a couple of players for picks and move on manage your assets. Trade for picks. Out Virtanen, Markstrom, Goldobin, Hutton, Granlund, Sutter, Stecher Spooner, Pouliot, Schaller Tanev. Some of these should get a second ,third, maybe a first. Package for a young D man if you can.
  2. If we take a D man this is the guy I want Broberg Demco, Virtanen, Madden, 2019 first rounder, and 2020 first rounder.
  3. Precisely, If Brackett would have come on board at the start of JBs tenure where would we be now ? Hopefully Brackett gets us a goal scorer, D can be picked later.
  4. Offer sheet Kapanan yes, trade for Kadri no , or trade Tanev take back Zaitsev and acquire Kapanan
  5. Buffalo is looking for scoring help Virtanen gives them this .I'm not sure we keep Virtanen trading him for right D help is a better option do you have to add maybe, but not our first.
  6. Subban you got to be kidding . His ego would be toxic in a young locker room.
  7. Sign Karlsson 7 x 10 mil is that who you all want.
  8. Ok HG77 who would you pick if you are so smart
  9. He Sounds like Erik Karlsson big reward, big risk, big minus .
  10. Two choices really sign a big name free agent on D and left wing . Or stay the course draft and trade extra players for picks. I for one would like to see us draft and trade for picks, I would trade for another first rounder, Give all our young players a chance to develop . Another year at sucking than see whats available .Scoring should be our focus in the first round No to drafting anymore small D. If you look at the playoffs to date you will see that size and speed maters. Lavoie, Kaliyev , Broberg and Seider would be my targets. Move as many vets as posable for picks next year at the trade deadline. Than see what you got .
  11. Colorado is clearly going to pick a center with their 4th some good Options available
  12. may be number 4th could be a bust so yah strait up or nothing
  13. Trade Markstrom for Riemer and Florida's first.
  14. Demko alone should get the 4th pick in the draft adding our 10th would be just Dumb.
  15. Boy you need to watch another sport . Any team can win you need to be able to play anyway. The Sedin's needed to grow a set and punch back .
  16. Add a free agent D Man and a top 6 forward. Maybe Myers / Stralman ,and Kapenan / Ferland
  17. You need size Vegas , Sharks holly cow it playoff hockey
  18. You must think Huberdeau is super man he's not. We need to be a little more patient one more year.Florida would take Markstrom for their 13th they need a goalie
  19. Your giving up way too much not much dif between 4th and 10Th ln this draft Virtanen and a prospect . No more.