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  1. While I get some of the negativity around giving up draft picks at the same time we can't afford to continue to waste the opportunity when we have guys like Petey, Hughes, Bo, Demko etc beginning to blossom. Look at Edmonton - hoiw many years has McDavid been in the league and Draisaitl? How many years has Oilers management wasted of their production. I think Jim finds another gem in the 2nd round and we move on.
  2. Conor Fricking Garland makes the 1st worth it - kid is a beaut - took a puck off his face to score a goal - got stitches and came back! Exactly the type of player we need!
  3. Instead of jumping off a bridge like some CDCers I am going to hold judgement on this deal - OEL is only 30 and did play on Arizona. And Garland is a beaut!!! The 1st sucks but Miller worked out just fine and I am sorry - 1 more year of Sleepy Loui is too much for me - Adios Amigo!!! (Of course he will end up potting 30 goals in Phoenix now just watch haha)
  4. Oilers lose 28 yr old Larrson who they replace with Keith and now Hyman - oh yeah signed Smith for 2 more years as well. Not really sure how this makes the Coilers better? Goals For was never a problem - its Goals Against
  5. Anyone else watched this yet - watched Season 1 last year and halfway thru Season 2 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10589968/ Love to hear anyone's thoughts etc
  6. Does Price seeing a Doctor about a knee injury scare Seattle away?
  7. Only tweet I want to see is Loui has Severe Jock itch and is seeing a Doctor and likely out for the season
  8. That's what a half a billion dollars buys these days apparently.
  9. Ouch - with some of those goalies on that list I don't see Holtby leaving (which isn't the end of the world but the cap space would have been nice)
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