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  1. So remind me again why Leaf fans think Matthews is better than McDavid???

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    2. Ghostsof1915


      ^ Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! 


    3. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Guarantee you if McDavid was a Leaf and Matthews was an Oiler, nobody would ever bring this conversation up.

    4. Gnarcore


      All I know if Bo Horvat has captained as many playoff series wins as both combined. 

  2. But they did...... https://www.tsn.ca/new-peak-performance-coach-helps-leafs-sharpen-mental-game-1.1699660 Players, coaches and management bemoaned a lack of killer instinct following Toronto's playoff collapse against Montreal last season. Enter Greg Harden. The life coach, motivational speaker and executive consultant has been added to the Leafs staff as a peak performance coach. General manager Kyle Dubas says Harden will help everyone in the organization "be at their best in moments when pressure comes." Harden started working at the University of Michigan in 1986 as a student-athlete counsellor. Legendary football coach Bo Schembechler initially brought him in after hearing about the work Harden was doing in the community. Since then, Harden has mentored star athletes like Tom Brady, Desmond Howard, Jalen Rose and Michael Phelps. "You don't really hire somebody like Greg Harden," head coach Sheldon Keefe noted. "He decides whether or not he wants to come work with you and we were fortunate he decided to join us." After 34 years at Michigan where he served as associate athletic director and director of athletic counselling, Harden retired last year. "He's got great experience and comes in with a fresh voice, fresh set of eyes in terms of what's happening here," said Keefe. "He's a guy who will take his time to build relationships and let players know what he's about and how he can help. It's not just players, it's coaches as well, and all departments in our organization. He'll be in and out of town and he's a resource for everybody. Even from a distance, he's somebody that I can talk to or players can talk to." Harden has already made an impact on Leafs captain John Tavares, who experienced a traumatic injury in last year's playoffs. "Greg's been great in my recovery and getting back going here and my frame of mind," Tavares revealed. "He has a tremendous background and expertise. He's had a lot of success with a lot of teams and a lot of players, many different sports, many different levels, so looking forward to his insight and how he can better us as people and a group." This will be a challenging season for the Leafs, who are looking to exorcise playoff demons while the pandemic rages on and the NHL returns to a gruelling 82-game schedule. Harden will be a big help. "He's a straight shooter," said veteran forward Jason Spezza. "There's not a lot of beating around the bush. He's very direct and I enjoy talking to people like that. He can help us work through some of the sludge of the season that you get stuck in." Harden's favourite phrase is: "Control the controllables." He has those words on his desk in a frame. "As a player, you know, sometimes you get in your own mind," said gritty winger Wayne Simmonds, "and sometimes it's hard to get yourself out of it. When you have a professional helping you navigate the way through the mental game, it makes it easier."
  3. Kid is coming off an injury - missed training camp. Lets have this same conversation at the end of the season. Matthews has zero points in 3 games - he must be a bust too no?
  4. 5 games does not make a season - as others have pointed out Coilers are built for regular season success but when the playoffs start and the whistles go away a team that feasts on the PP will struggle.
  5. previous thread we were debating and I admitted to being a pinko commie and also a heathen haha
  6. Haha you made my day Drummer!!! I am all good thanks for the concern Mike Bossy has always been my idol and have never had the chance to meet him - such a classy player and wish the best for him
  7. Not very "Christian" of you I must say
  8. 2 games in and Mark Spector, Gene Principe and Oilers nation already planning the parade down Whyte ave - #leafswest

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    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Bouchard is absolute garbage in his own zone.  Nowhere close to an NHLer, and likely never will be.  He's soft, slow, and stupid.

    3. Mustard Tiger

      Mustard Tiger

      This is normal for them, Every preseason they pretty much go undefeated after dressing the whole roster every game, And follow it up with a solid regular season. Annnnd then they get destroyed in the 1st round because its easy to shut down two guys without any depth 

    4. Patel Bure

      Patel Bure

      Outside of their surprise 2017 2nd round appearance + a couple of upsets in the late 90's + a 2006 cup run, the Edmonton Oilers have largely been irrelevant to the sport of hockey since 1992.  


      The city as a whole is almost irrelevant outside of Western Canada.   


      Most self-respecting men, women, and hockey players only choose to live and work in Edmonton because the jobs they seek usually aren't available in other cities.  That, or they have close family ties to Edmonton.  You take away the Oilers, CFL Elk, their oil industry, and West Edmonton mall, and the city of Edmonton becomes a sub-standard city in almost every single aspect.


      If I was an Edmontonian, or a media member of Edmonton, I would keep my mouth shut, learn a bit of humility, and learn not to count my chickens before they've hatched.  

  9. Former players who constantly endangered their fellow players with cheap shots etc - Shanahan, Pronger to name a few. I have always advocated that players who played a clean game should be in charge of player safety - guys like Mike Bossy would make more sense ( yes I am biased lol) to hand out suspensions since they never were the ones dishing out the cheapshots.
  10. I am a heathen and proud of it since I do not believe in God - us heathens have brought a hell of a lot less misery on the world than religions have FYI oh yeah I am also a pinko-commie leftie vaccinated heathen for the record
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