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  1. Couple big boys going at it tonight Blaydes vs Lewis - might be a good one
  2. You know I wasn't 100 % sold on Usmann after the Mazvidal fight but after getting rocked by Burns and finishing him like that he is the real deal and maybe the best lb for lb fighter - damn he is solid!!!
  3. Tried this trade on NHL 2021 and even that didn't work
  4. You and Gurn are going straight to hell you know And I'm coming with you Man do you have an idea how much that would upset the right if we took God out of our anthem? Thy sons was bad enough haha
  5. Ok Hear me out.........................................
  6. I think Benning is safe - come on foilks this is part of the pain we need to go through while we shed some cap. lets get through the expansion draft get rid of the veteran contracts and focus on the future.the team overachieved last playoffs and I think people forgot where we are at - not ready to be an elite team yet but building the foundation - helluva a team tp build around guys like Boeser Hughes Petey etc. Little bit of patience please
  7. Again those kick from Dustin made him desperate I think
  8. Two solid fight cards right there
  9. I think the kick from Dustin played a huge part in that - kid has vicious kicks - man!!!! My legs hurt just hearing him connect lol
  10. Poirier has to get the title shot you would think - he just took out the biggest name in the division next to Khabib
  11. I read that Conor donated half a million to Poiriers charity - solid move by the Irish lad.
  12. You have a point - he walked right thru Hooker who is not slouch so have to give him that
  13. I was never a hug Macgregor fan at first but he seems to be slowly learning to have the class guys like GSP have always had and defeat tends to do that to a man. Looking forward to seeing him in the next one.
  14. Not sold on that sorry - Bellator is a step below UFC and look who Chandler has lost to over there.