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  1. I don't think we need an enforcer however Barclay Goodrow is a definite target in Free Agency this summer for me. I always loved Gudbranson but at his age and what he would want money wise not really an option - Barclay sticks up for his teammates.
  2. I chose RNH as I think he would be great here - but don't see it happening so have to agree Savard is exactly what we need!
  3. Ohhh contraire my friend - my daughter roasts them with beets and mixes in some type of cheese - amazing (And I used to despise the damn things)
  4. have to disagree here - as others have pointed out our inability to produce vaccines has left us at the mercy of other countries. i look at a province like Alberta and we want to diversify - start manufacturing vaccines and other drugs- its a high tech replacement for fossil fuel mentality. Plus these viruses aren't going anywhere so its a solid investment imho.
  5. Most impressive fighter from UFC 261 was Valentrina - she is such a beast and one of the few fighter who doesn't shy away from fighting the style her opponents is supposedly better than her in. Dominant victory over a very worthy Number 1 challenger
  6. We can agree to disagree I guess. Not sure how you can say Jorge has no class but then say Colby is just a gimmick. Colby got his ass whooped by Usmann but has given him zero respect. guys who get knocked out can go one of two ways - Jorge took the right one.
  7. Love or hate Mazivdal the guy has class - unlike that clown Covington - he needs to be knocked out like that. Time for Jorge to retire and work on his business ventures.
  8. As much as I hate the little puke he's one of those guys you hate to play against but man put him on the Canucks and he could really bring us to that next level. Tkachuk for Boeser straight up you might get me to listen as I think playing with Petey and Miller, Matthew could replace Brock. However even this makes no sense from a Flames side unless he is an issue in the locker room and I don't see anything that suggests that. Calgary basically replaces a forward with a forward. As for Quinn beside Ep he is an untouchable on this team - as a fan my whole life and going on 50 years now Hughes is
  9. I don't think Quinn gets enough credit here sometimes - he isn't going to crush guys with hits but he knows how to angle them off and tie them up - he did it several times with Matthews in the TO games. To the original poster I say this - Hughes is the coveted offensive defenseman this team has needed for a long time and will only get better. But Zacha is also that highly coveted highly skilled centre. I would argue a straight up 1 for 1 trade would be equal in my books.
  10. meanwhile here in Edmonton they are having a parade down Whyte ave like they do after each Coiler victory lol. Its sad actually uou don't see a single Oiler car window flag all year and now that they are in the playoffs POOF flags everywhere
  11. Absolutely agree - DOPS has zero credibility in my books. Then again look who they have employed - Pronger, Shanahan etc. I have long advocated for players who actually played within the rules to be in charge - guys like Bossy, Kurri etc. but that's just me. Zero issue with the suspension and Edler has been known to do this but its more of being out of position and trying to slow down an opponent versus malicious intent aka intent to injure. Its not like he deliberately stomps on guy's legs or crosschecks them in the teeth and they have to have surgery to remove the hockey tape fro
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