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  1. See you all at the new site Godspeed and Good Luck
  2. This is what I have been telling my Oiler fan co-workers here in Albertabama. They have a narrow window to compete and with their two biggest stars contracts coming up this contract might add to their issues if Bouchard puts up the points I think he can on that Power play. I also think players are going to take shorter contracts like Matthews did. Revenue is up and barring.another pandemic the cap will continue to rise. Why lock yourself in for 8 years when you can do four and really increase your earnings potential down the line. I absolutely despise the Oilers but this is a very reasonable contract for what Evan brings to this team. That Nurse contract is another story
  3. Interesting - if the Coyotes can get an actually arena built in 4 years does he bolt to the US?
  4. Glad you started this thread and love the comments about Bossy who I feel.does.not.get enough recognition for what he did. People have to remember that even Gretzky couldn't tie or break his record for most consecutive 50 goal seasons. The thing people need to understand as to why Gretzky is the greatest player hands down is the points he put up when the league still allowed guys to drape themselves over you , clutch, grab, hack slash etc. It's why guys like Bossy did not have long careers as the physical game took such a toll on them. And here comes a long this gangly gap toothed kid who looks like he weighs 110 lbs soaking wet and he goes and and absolutely dominates an entire league over and over again. There should be no debate - Wayne is and will always be the GOAT
  5. Elks finally win - only in the CFL can a 1-9 team still have a shot at the playoffs :D
  6. Funny thing is - I work in Edmonton and a lot of my co-workers crapped all over Skinner for his playoff performance and thought Campbell should have played more. To me the bigger issue is paying a guy like Nurse what they do and he is brutal defensively.
  7. Could be worse they could still have Campbell at 5 million lol
  8. Coilers have a 2 yr window to contend as Leon is a UFA after that and Connor is the year after. Any salary cap increase will be eaten up by them. Here's hoping Bouchard has a career year or two on the bridge deal and it screws them even more
  9. Was thinking the exact same thing - Calgary is a tire fire right now let's go get him!
  10. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/yamamoto-kostin-on-the-way-out-as-oilers-holland-looks-to-build-cup-winning-team/ Always liked.his game even though it was with the Coilers - would love to have him.on the Canucks
  11. I read the best thread on here has gone private how does a lad get to sit at the adult table? Thanks in advance

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      It was sent hours ago, but all good

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