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  1. It really is tbh the only reason i have a reddit account
  2. One of the funnier things i've seen on r/canucks
  3. I can't believe I waited 4 months to watch this horse$&!#
  4. its been like this all season come out flat, questionable line up changes blew many leads in the regular season
  5. Heres an update on my Canucks jerseys
  6. Finally Got my all time favorite jersey :frantic:  


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    2. Roberts


      @CanucksCountry interesting! I think I saw that earlier, the issue with that one is it has no 40th anniversary patch. I do see another listing beside that, it's a Kesler one with a patch! Maybe I'll look into that!

    3. Roberts


      P.S. thanks for the help, and congrats on getting the awesome jersey! ::D

    4. CanucksCountry


      Haha thanks man! hopefully you can snag one urself hear soon!


  7. I really hope tuna gets a spot over sutter in the play in over Sutter, Sutter looked like flaming hot garbage last night
  8. i like the name i feel the logo is more of 3rd jersey type of logo more so then a main
  9. What will be the starting lineup For the Canucks vs the wild ? Miller-Pettersson-Toffoli Pearson-Horvat-Boeser Roussel-Gaudette-MacEwen Ferland-Beagle- Virtanen Motte & Loui Edler-Myers Hughes-Tanev Fantenberg -Stecher Marky Demko 2. how many games will be needed to decide series? Canucks in 3 3. How many goals will the Canucks score in the series? 15 4. Leading scorer on defence for the Canucks? Quinn Hughes 7 points 5. Leading scorer on offence for Canucks? Elias Pettersson 6 points 6. what will be our goalies save %? 918 save % 7. how many challenges will the Canucks make in the series? How many will be successful? 2 Challenges 1 successful 8. who will score the first goal in the series for the Canucks? Boeser 9. will Juolevi play in this series? No 10. Top hitter on the Canucks? Ferland (if healthy) 11. pp %? 0 for 7 12. pk %? 90%
  10. even a blind squirrel finds a nut, sh!t out of a horses ass is more reliable then what comes out of sekeres mouth
  11. now that it's settled in more for me i don't think he will be traded the way i interpret this is we aren't actively shopping him more so if the right offer came along, and i am still only going to take this with a grain of salt, Sekeres isn't the most reliable guy to be saying this i think more so he is just trying to stir up the pot the timing of this is really weird if a trade were to happen why would they be talking about it now? You cant use who ever you acquired for him in the play ins i think Sekeres is just trying to cause a province to melt down which has worked
  12. We really seem to love trying to trade way my favorite players maybe my next favorite player should be Erickson... 

    1. Nuxfanabroad


      Where there's a will, there's a way(or desperately hungry heir)

    2. Phil_314


      ... take one for the team @CanucksCountry

    3. Ghostsof1915


      My favourite players are Eriksson and Sutter.....

  13. haha i've been working on his since i posted these!