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  1. Hey all this was exciting and obviously disappointing finish as well. Boys gave us highs n lows but looking forward to great things from this team in years to come. Love this team and you guys as well. Thank you for all your insight and fun times during the run. This gif summed up our boys last night they simply ran out of gas:
  2. Love the focus Deb.... Win each shift,period and let’s move on from these classless clowns.
  3. Ok CDC. Game 7 I’ve been pumped all day, listening to Van Halen “ Ain’t talkin bout love” over and over again Love this team and all of you! Let’s pull out our towels and wave our boys into the Conference Final. I’ve poured the drinks for all of you and me. Let’s Goooooooooo!
  4. Yesssssss!!!! Game 7 let’s goooooo!!! I love this team, this community. Wow great effort and beat these Vegas clowns tomorrow... honey.....
  5. Ok CDC game 6, I’ve poured the pregame drink for you all. Let’s wave our towels and help the boys take this to game 7!! Cheers to our team and to all of you. Let’s Gooooooooo!!
  6. That was a great play by Theo. Sure the boys got schooled a bit there but that play needed to happen to spark our comeback. Calling it embarrassing is whatevs... I’m a glass is full of positivity with this particular team, they have given us true Canuck fanbase something to look forward to and want this core bunch to succeed.
  7. Edler is a warrior and has been a huge influence on and off the ice to our young core. He’s a true (quiet) leader and one of my all time fav Nucks as I’ve watched this team for the past 38 years. Now let’s win game 6!!!!