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  1. I said it last game and I'll say it again, there isn't enough snarl in the back end. We need at least one D man that's nasty to play against, put a little fear into the opposition and make them keep their heads up.
  2. I think this team lacks a big, mean defenseman... there's just no snarl on the back end. They need a guy that opposition players are afraid of...
  3. It's the national anthem, not American karaoke...
  4. I thought the Canucks looked undersized and disinterested most of the game.
  5. Once this team is healthy there will have to be some movement regarless, I`m pretty sure he`s on the top of that list.
  6. They needed a good old fashioned whooping to get them going again. As long as they're they're learning it's a good thing imo. If anyone thought this team was going to be a high end cup contender they were delusional. Its gonna take time, theres some good young talent, but they aren't "there" yet.
  7. No one ran ottawas stars when Boeser got hit
  8. One shot, one goal... this better not be a sign of things to come
  9. So I watched the game on the island. My takeaways are for a bunch if guys who are supposedly battling for jobs, it seemed like the compete level was pretty low. Almost zero physicality, not hard on the pucks, terrible defensive breakdowns etc. I hope they play with a little more urgency tonight.
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    Right on dude!