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  1. [Lebrun] Canucks want a Center

    How about a friggin' scoring winger for the Sedins? You guys don't need anymore centers.
  2. Bieksa's one of the most overpaid defenceman that the Canucks have AND he's got an NTC. He's a heart and soul player but he should have been paid 4 mill at most.

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    2. Matthew Lombardi 18

      Matthew Lombardi 18

      First two years: He gets a 3.75 M cap hit (from 550 k minimum wage).

      That's a 700x increase. Then he gets ANOTHER increase by 900 k by cap hit.

    3. Matthew Lombardi 18
    4. Matthew Lombardi 18

      Matthew Lombardi 18

      Duncan Keith's cap hit is 5.5 million - just to put it into perspective.

      Yes, he's a one of a kind defenseman who took a discount.

      Bieksa? He shouldn't be paid 4 mill... from that standard.

  3. It's funny... A woman that jfaminoff is describing is identical to another one that I know. Laziness is definitely the theme with some welfare recipients, but obviously, jfaminoff, you are one true exception. Good for you for weening yourself off that and becoming an actual person in society. Good for you.
  4. [Trade] Lane MacDermid to Calgary

    "It's obvious that teams around the league are improving but the Canucks are not. GM MG got Out GM'd once again"
  5. [GDT] Panthers @ Canucks - 7PM

    Who cares? Even good teams lose to "bad" teams too. The reason good teams are 'good' and bad teams are 'bad' is consistency. Bad teams get lucky. Good teams rely more on skill overall than luck.
  6. [GDT] Panthers @ Canucks - 7PM

    LOL @ Glen Glutuzan's "meh" face in spite of Tortorella's outward expression. I think the look just says it all, even if he doesn't shout. Just a terrible terrible scene.
  7. He also loves Vancouver, so there's no point in trading Kesler. Vancouver's his new adopted home and I'm sure he's not missing Michigan right now.
  8. Would you like to know facts about maternity photography?

    1. Warhippy


      maternity? the maternal order of maternity or the maternity photography photgraphers do about maternity stages during 1st through 3rd stages of maternity?

    2. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      For some reason I read "photography" as "pornography".

    3. Matthew Lombardi 18

      Matthew Lombardi 18

      It was a question based on a spam thread made by a bot. It was hilarious. It wasn't bad.

  9. [Trade] NYI Matt Moulson + Picks for BUF Thomas Vanek

    NYI is probably banking on Vanek to stay in NYI because of Grabner - another Austrian. Risky move.
  10. [Official] Minor Signings Thread

    One thing that I'm sick of in those individual threads is that people make immature comments like "Plan the Parade" and garbage like that that contribute nothing to the thread at hand. This should allow people to comment about players that they might have seen or heard. I think Ronalds Kenins and Josh Jooris are great signings for Vancouver and Calgary respective. No-risk and both of those players seem to be able to light it up offensively in lower-tiered leagues. They are also both very young. 21-22 something like that.
  11. I went clubbing and danced with a stranger and I did not tell my significant other about it. She found out. I'm so worried - is she going to get mad? Is she going to break-up with me? Advice needed. P.S. I'm a nice guy - the grinding didn't mean anything.

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    2. viking mama

      viking mama

      LOL! Shhwattttt! You are whipped!

    3. 22Sedinery33


      Sucks to be you, that's why you stay "single" and do what you want without having to worry :)

    4. Master Mind

      Master Mind

      shouldnt you already know how she feels about it based on her reaction on finding out? if she's mad theres not much you can do...

  12. Anton Cederholm | D

    What? Where did you hear that?
  13. Thank you for your comments on my Abortion/Pro-Life thread. :)

  14. Ask Avelanche Anything? - the resurrection

    If you were a hockey player and got drafted into the NHL... let's say a late first round pick. How would you celebrate?