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  1. if we were to trade marky's right, i would think the canes would ideal. they're sort of in a win now situation and could use a to goalie like marky. i say marky and jake and see if they want baer for one of their young dmen, either bean or fleury or even see what price for pesce will be and then sign an ufa goalie like greiss, khudobin, or even holtby and also re-sign tofu, tanev, and leivo. save some of that cap not re-signing marky and possibly wait till tdl and bring a forward or an extra d. so next years lines will be pearson-petey-tofu jt-horvat-brock (could trade him too for another young dmen) roussel/leivo-sutter-gaudette macewan/roussel-beagle-motte hughes-tanev edler-myers pesce?bean/fleury-benn or re-sign stecher in a few months, see where trym is and give him a shot and still have rafferty and juolevi demko and greiss/khudobin/holtby 50-30 games each or whoever is the better goalie at that time sorry don't know cap work, know le cap sucks but hopefully can trade him or waive or sent to utica
  2. if we trade boeser, think we can get provorov? or how bout provorov and nolan patrick for boeser and woo? patrick hasn't done much so could be had for cheap maybe and boeser should be awesome with giroux but the main person will be provorov with hughes. that'll be an amazing two stud dmen for years to come
  3. well if the canucks for fortunate of winning the draft, oh man it would be awesome to watch lafreniere playing with petey, and brock or jt. 2 extremely stacked offensive lines now and just have to work on the blueline. but if we were that lucky, i would rather trade the pick and pick up a dmen like dobson, provorov, slavin, someone who's young and inexpensive with a draft pick as well for a generational player like lafreniere.
  4. i agree, if you can get a first back for virtanen then do it. if you can get a defensive prospect for jake that'll be good. i don't want to give up on jake too but what's more valuable, a top 4 dmen or a top 9 forward? you always need to replenish the cupboards, look at chicago when they were winning cups, they had to let campbell go and trade forwards but get decent prospects back and be competitive for some time. we still have petey, bo, boeser, podz, and hughes so yes jake is still young but he'll demand more money if he is a top 6 but if we trade him and draft a dmen who can develop in a few years, our core will be in their prime still with a young stud d coming along.
  5. would a rights to trymankin, goldy, and baer work?
  6. should be an awesome series for years to come but the canucks need 1-2 more high caliber dmen to compete with the avs d. but i do believe we will have better forwards especially if gaudette and his linemates can dominate in a few years giving the nucks 3 talented and offensive lines and lets see if avs can match that. hopefully petey and who ever needs a new contract takes a hometown discount like what mackinnon says he would to help the team for the future. miss those days of sakic, forsberg, foote, and roy vs nasland, big bert, jovo just wish we had a better goalie in those years
  7. would a virtanen + madden or gaud + stecher + 2nd draft pick for dumba work? would hate to trade jake since it looks like he's starting to hit his stride but will he be more then just a 3rd liner for the nucks? he's young enough to be a valuable 2nd liner and still has up tapped potential and should fit in nicely with the wild rebuild. madden or gaud and stecher are also young enough to build with the wilds young core. as for dumba, yes he's having a down season but i still feel he's a poorer version of seth jones but he's 25 and still will get better as he gets older and him and hughes will be the 2 pillars for years to come. not sure if that works for cap but that's up to management to make it all work out this years d hughes tanev edler myers dumba benn or fantenberg next few years d hughes tanev dumba myers edler trym or rafferty or another d
  8. With quite a few good prospects in the pipe line, why not trade Gaud or Madden and Demko(if the Canucks believe Dipietro is the guy for the future) for some young developing dmen like Fabbro or P.Myers? I would hate to lose two of those guys with their potential but to get another young stud dmen to go along with this core will make the team stronger in the long run I think. With the way Benning has been drafting, the prospect pool is looking great but you can't keep them all so why not trade a few for 1 great dmen like Fabbro or any other future star dmen
  9. hi first time posting what sounds more enticing miller-horvat-poolparty or miller-horvat-virtanen yes we don't know how poolparty can be 2nd liner but playing with horvat who's smart and will make everyone accountable, i think will make that line better in the future. jake, who i think still have untapped potential is perfect as a 3rd liner but doesnt have the skill set of poolparty. so what i hope the canucks do is trade another player for poolparty, hopefully goldy and maybe someone else for poolparty. let poolparty play in finland for a year and get some confidence back and bring him back next year to see how he does. and keep virtanen on 3rd line and hope he creates some chemistry with gaudette and someone else.