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Patrick Jane

Toronto- Vancouver(Proposal from Toronto Fan)

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This is a Proposal from a Toronto Fan that thinks is overpaying for luongo and other trades.

I dont know what your thoughts are, but i think hes nuts.

Current lineup

Kessel bozak lupul

jvr grabo mccarther

kuli connolly kamorov

brown steckel Mcclement

phanuef gunnerson

liles gardnier

franson Komiseriak



So, may issues age (leadership)? Grit? Goalie? defence? top 3 centre?

How to make this possible under new salary cap limits

Offence 32.7

Kessel(5.4) kadri (1.7) lupul(4.25)

jvr(4.25) grabo(5.5) maccarther (3.25)

hamilton(.6) Aucoin(.65) morrow (4.1)

brown(.7) steckel (1.1) komarov (1.2)

defence 12.4

Phaneuf(6.5) reilly (1.7)

ranger(1) gardnier(1.2)

ellis (1.4) kostka (.6)

goalies 6

luongo (5.33)

scrivens (.6)

2013 51 million

20 players signed

Lupul pay increase 6mil

Maccarther pay increase 3.5 mil

steckel pay increase 1.5mil

kadri pay increase 4 mil

hamilton cycled out

komarov pay increase 2mil

kostka pay increase 2 mil

morrow pay decrease 3mil

2014 56.3 mil

Luongo for Bozak, frattin and gunnerson why? bozak and frattin will add to the failing second line and gunnerson is capable of replacing the injured defence yet toronto is overpaying

1st for kuli

1st for gunnerson

ellis for liles, connolly or kuli again we are overpaying but he is stay at home defence man who is good at cycling and they get an offensive side which could fill the gap left by suter

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Luongo for Bozak, frattin and gunnerson :blink:

I would like to offer you the position as GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs if you think this is an acceptable trade for Toronto.

Welcome to MLSE

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I highly doubt the trade would actually come to fruition.

With Scrivens about to take over the starting goaltender spot, Toronto's value on Luongo has depreciated to the point of merely keeping him as a starter/backup, who can support Scrivens by splitting time with him. In fact, Luongo has been successful splitting game times with Schneider with Vancouver for the past two seasons.

Therefore, Toronto would not afford all of the three players for simply Luongo.

If this trade were to happen, since Frattin and Gunnarsson are going to replace a forward and a defenseman, Raymond and Ballard would need to be traded to Toronto(An organization which I highly doubt will take the two players, especially Ballard, with an expensive contract.) or some other organization, prior to the Luongo trade. Having both Frattin, Gunnarsson, and Raymond and Ballard would be unlikely, as salary cap takes on a toll.

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I don't mind the deal actually. I would probably do it if nothing else comes around.

Not sure where you are going with the rest of it but Nashville would never give up Ellis for Liles just saying.

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I don't think there will be a deal with TO. MG right fully called them out when he accused them of negotiating thru the media. I don't think the two sides like each other very much. I don't think MG wants to help TO get better.

I still think there will be a deal with WSH.

Edit NYI intrigues me with Nino asking for a trade. Perhaps MG can get him out of NYI, that would be great.

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Not sure if this is serious or not :blink:

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