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  1. Great teams are built from the 4th line out.

    1. BanTSN


      Said nobody ever.

  2. Big Boston vs Ottawa game tomorrow. Sens win and they're 2 points back with a game in hand.

  3. wooo bottom feeding

  4. still pissed at Miller

  5. You just realized that it is common for people to act unethically when they have something to gain?... jeez, welcome to humanity tiger. Did you somehow miss the whole captive animals are living their entire lives in pens so small they can't take a step in either direction thing?
  6. I would pay $500 a season for a feed that had all the players mic'd up.

  7. Want to get into sports betting (specifically hockey). Anyone have any betting site preferences?

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    2. nuckin_futz


      Only a chump bets on playnow.ca as you're forced to parlay your bets. Try bodog, sportsinteraction, 5dimes etc

    3. KingAlex


      ^Gotta agree. Bodog and sportsinteraction are some of the best betting sites.

    4. PlayStation


      Bet365 is the one I use, love it. Have live in game plays, lots of bonus opportunities throughout the year with special offers, etc. Playnow is the worst option, cant make single plays. If you need dat referral for bonus cash hit me up;)

  8. Are the Canucks a better team now then they were by the end of last year?

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    2. PhillipBlunt


      I believe they will be. This team has a direction in place from management, a coach that is a great teacher, and has rid itself of a lockeroom cancer and an underperforming blueliner.

    3. Madness


      New coach. Kesler distraction gone. Yes I think so.

    4. BanTSN
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