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  1. Great teams are built from the 4th line out.

    1. BanTSN


      Said nobody ever.

  2. Big Boston vs Ottawa game tomorrow. Sens win and they're 2 points back with a game in hand.

  3. wooo bottom feeding

  4. still pissed at Miller

  5. I would pay $500 a season for a feed that had all the players mic'd up.

  6. Want to get into sports betting (specifically hockey). Anyone have any betting site preferences?

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    2. nuckin_futz


      Only a chump bets on playnow.ca as you're forced to parlay your bets. Try bodog, sportsinteraction, 5dimes etc

    3. KingAlex


      ^Gotta agree. Bodog and sportsinteraction are some of the best betting sites.

    4. PlayStation


      Bet365 is the one I use, love it. Have live in game plays, lots of bonus opportunities throughout the year with special offers, etc. Playnow is the worst option, cant make single plays. If you need dat referral for bonus cash hit me up;)

  7. Are the Canucks a better team now then they were by the end of last year?

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    2. PhillipBlunt


      I believe they will be. This team has a direction in place from management, a coach that is a great teacher, and has rid itself of a lockeroom cancer and an underperforming blueliner.

    3. Madness


      New coach. Kesler distraction gone. Yes I think so.

    4. BanTSN
  8. :(
    1. BananaMash



  9. If you're a tanker, when do you start cheering for the win?

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    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      ^ could you imagine ?

    3. Drive-By Body Pierce
    4. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      Various players are heating up... could be a cinderella story in the making, or at the very least an exciting end to the season.

  10. Who do we want to win in the Stars vs Yotes game that's coming up?

    1. CatsPajamas


      The Wild have a decent cushion but if they don't beat St. Louis, and then don't beat the Yotes, it is very possible that they could end up only getting two more wins on the season. Which would leave them with 89 points. Surely out of the playoffs.

    2. Boothnation


      If we win the rest of our games it would nice getting the 1st spot in the wild card

  11. I'm not saying I'm happy Mike Smith is injured, and I'm not saying I hope he is out for the season, but yes, I am saying those things. #GoJets

  12. Is it just me or has Tom Sestito been really bad lately?... well, worse than usual...

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    2. people please

      people please

      He cost us one game by taking a stupid penalty against the caps, but that's it.

    3. CatsPajamas


      Which one was that? I only remember the boarding against NYI.

    4. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Tostito has been aight.

  13. Was Canuck Man Tiger and Shamu?

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    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      He has every one fooled lol Newsflash is everyone except you lol Muuaaahaaaahaaaa !

    3. Mr.DirtyDangles


      #tiger the man the myth the legend

  14. Had a dream last night that Tortorella was fired and Felix Potvin replaced him. First game coaching Shawn Matthias ran the goalie and immediately started a full bench clearing brawl.

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    2. Wheels22


      I have a feeling Reimer's career will end up like Potvin's

    3. Aladeen


      Weird I had a dream last night that CatsPJs had a dream that Torts was fired and replaced by Potvin. But instead of that other stuff happening it turned erotic.

    4. CatsPajamas
  15. I'm TIGER SINGH and I have several active accounts. Canuck Man is not one of them.

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles
    2. Shamu101


      Fortunately it is

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