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  1. Hate to break it to you but even now polls regularly show Trump has above a 33% approval rating.
  2. I think that if no one receives a majority of electoral college votes a contingent election is held. Of course there are reasons that the American system has tended to gravitate to a 2 party system. However this was also the case in the 1930s in Germany. In 1933 all the conservative parties in Germany supported the enabling act which made Hitler a de facto Dictator.
  3. About a third of the airforce pilots are likely still Trump supporters...just saying.
  4. There is the possibility that a 3 or 4 party system in the US would lead to wins by the far right party. Kind of like in Germany where the Nazis came to power over various communist, socialist, and centrist factions.
  5. I figure if Billy Mays was still around we would have got rid of this Trump $&!#-stain a lot sooner.
  6. Was this posted? The "My Pillow Guy", a key Trump advisor, had his notes visible as he walked to the West Wing for a meeting with Trump. Some of the stuff you can make out is disconcerting. "Martial Law if Necessary". "Trigger Emergency Powers". "Make clear this is China/Iran". "
  7. An interesting guy. He's actually a Journalist called Justin King from the border of Kentucky/Tennessee who completely erased his southern accent at one point when entering left wing media. Now with his "Beau" persona he lays his southerness on extra thick. Him talking about his accent, identity and Beau persona:
  8. It's an interesting question. I think a lot of the people at the protest/insurrection truly believed that the election was stolen by the Democrats, and that pandemic restrictions and lockdowns are a nefarious attempt by the liberals to impose tyranny on the American people. The fact that these people were unbeknownst to them actually taking part in an insurrection to prevent the lawful transition of power to Biden after he won the election raises the question who should actually bear the brunt of the punishment: the duped Trumpists or the media figures, corporations, and politicians who fostered these falsehoods?
  9. It seems at least 25% of the United States is caught up in Qanon or some other Grand Conspiracy nonsense. If you're just talking about minor conspiracies like, oh, the Democrats stole the election, that number goes above 35% of the American population.
  10. Trump is impeached The NHL season starts Today is a good day. At least by 2020/2021 standards.
  11. Is anybody worried something next-level crazy is going to happen in the next 8 days? Trump and his cronies have legitimate worries that they are going to be taken out once they leave office. There are probably crimes nobody is even speculating about right now that will come to light once lower level government officials feel free to bring them to their superiors. On top of this rational is the fact that armed protests are being planned for January 17th and 20th.
  12. If in your old-timey “town hall” you advocated Qanon nonsense and called for the overthrow of the newly elected mayor you are going to be sent to either the gaol or the looney bin.
  13. That is a left wing position supported by people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Are you going to be supporting those kind of folks from now on?