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  1. I'm not sure how much Giuliani flipping would achieve at this point. He is actually a senile and crazy old man. I suppose he might have some documents hidden away.
  2. Yes that could possibly be very good value if Hughes matures defensively in coming years.
  3. Does it really though? If both deals are 2-3 bridge deals as rumoured the Canucks still have control. The biggest issue with the next deal will be cap-space, and a holdout for big bucks just forces the Canucks to trade one of them or other good players on the team.
  4. Not sure how the contracts being the same length benefits the two players. If anything it means there will be less money to go around when their contracts come up again.
  5. Sounds like bridge deals are the most likely outcome. The only problem is basically the Canucks entire core will need new deals in 2-3 years. As usual
  6. Canada is going to have a great group of forwards. Crosby might be the third-line centre. The defence and goaltending is likely going to be a little worse than 2014 though.
  7. Coda

    Tokyo Olympics

    I mean, Usain Bolt had a season best time of 9.95 the year he retired in 2017. So I'm not really sure how you expect him to beat DeGrasse's 9.89 4 years later at age 34.
  8. Coda

    Tokyo Olympics

    It's unfortunate what is happening in Japan. But from what I've read it seems the current spike of cases is completely unrelated to the olympics. The Olympians are probably the most tested group of people in the most secure bubble, (however porous it might be) of any community in Japan.
  9. Yes, I’m not trying to deflect blame for the Residential Schools from Canada to Britain: they were created by politicians in Canada. I’m just pointing out that Canada was an integral part of the British Empire, which kind of did try to take over the world. Canadian Citizenship did not exist until 1947. Until then residents of Canada were either British subjects (issued with British passports) or non-subjects.
  10. Well, in the period most of the people in the unmarked graves were buried and until the Statute of Westminster of 1931 Canada was an integral part of the British Empire with its trade policies and foreign relations largely mandated from London. And the British Empire at that time was much larger than Nazi Germany at the peak of its conquests.
  11. Remember that is a joke...from more than 20 years ago. Society has changed a bit since then. I'm pretty sure you could find some poor white guys who would be fine with becoming a black star comedian/actor for $60 million. Interestingly, there has been a rash of white women pretending to be black in academia in the last 10 years or so.
  12. The point is that increasing violence and militancy would probably hurt Indigenous people more than than white people, on average. Who is affected by burning down churches on reserves? Mainly the Indigenous people who attend those churches. If there is an escalating tit-for-tat of totem pole burnings for statue tear downs, the Indigenous are at a numbers disadvantage: The most $&!#ty, racist 10% of white people in Canada outnumber the entire Indigenous population, most of whom are sensible, peaceful people who want restorative justice to be achieved peacefully and for better relations with non-indigenous Canadians.
  13. General Mark Milley is actually the type of Alpha Male that Trump, Gaetz and Co. pretend to be. Sound like he's also got a brain.
  14. What kind of documentation is being provided to people who receive their 2nd vaccination? Surely if only people with this documentation are admitted there should be no real need to limit ticket sales.
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