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  1. If edler is re signed I will very highly consider ending my tenure as an active canucks fan

    1. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Highly doubt he's re-signed.  I'll be too busy enjoying watching our young core to notice if you stop being a fan.

    2. soosoodeff
    3. Drewismyname
  2. Join my eashl club xbox

  3. Jannik hansens perennial playoff breakaway goals and otherwise stepping up to the plate when it mattered between 09 and 11 was more valuable than any high scoring softie during the regular season (if we can actually make it to the playoffs lol) Jake's built for playoff hockey. That's why I've been saying they're 'saving him'.
  4. https://youtu.be/4GyZmRZ5QJI?t=1m48s Horrible Hockey IQ
  5. We don't need another Kassian, Tryamkin situation. Btw, this is the first time I've EVER agreed with anything you've said.
  6. Is anyone aware of if the game today is blacked out on GCL? 

  7. Fair enough man. You say tomato I say uninspired play. I think we're a bit too far off on our perspectives for it to even be worth debating. And yes I think tryamkin has more potential than juolevi in regards to winning this team a cup.
  8. They have displayed uninspired play since 2011 and have been given a pass by their coaches getting a lot of undeserved top powerplay time. Im getting at the vets need to be held just as accountable as the rookies. Try got given the tough love approach while he coupd barely speak english and then left. He was the most dangerous d prospect we've had since Bourdon rest his soul and willie totally misplayed the situation and now hes in russia. I get the whole paying your dues approach but clearly that is only applied the the ones in willies dog house which sends the wrong message to the team and creates a toxic devisive environment bwtween team mates, not to mention wastes the owners money. Ego has no place in a performance driven industry.
  9. If they were trying to use him to set an example he called their bluff and made them look stupid. So what spend the rest of his rfa years in russia then sign with a team with a russian sub culture in NA. Win win. Willie....i stood up for him while he was coach.....happy to see him gone. I get what the Sedins have done while never winning us a cup but the get away with uninspired play all the time. If youre setting an example its team wide, not just the new guy who is out of his element. The teams that win cups have a no man left behind policy not a mutiple set of standards. I am hoping this changes with Green
  10. Can't wait for the real fans to come back. Too many no life trolls with computer chairs stuck to their asses.
  11. Until we truly support our stars this organization and ita supporters will always be a joke. If ur happy being a joke thats ur problem im not
  12. The sedins just never learned how to find the middle ground between playoff hockey and regular season hockey. You have to sympathize with d sedin getting taken off the ice every time versteeg baits him in 2010 and then him getting speedbagged but its his fault for not adapting Unfortunately, thats how it played out
  13. He's being saved for when we really need him to peak. /thread
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