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  1. Hey Stealth, can I be your favourite Game of Thrones character?
  2. Moose Knuckles needs a lesson in business ethics.


  3. I have a great rule of thumb for anyone wanting a good first tattoo. Get an idea first, pick and artist, have a consultation. I'm not saying you can't a good tattoo with same day service, but my worst tattoos have come from that scenario. Gastown Tattoo has some awesome new artists, Mitch was my neighbour until last year, and I would recommend him to anyone. I have been going to Steve at Ashlar tattoo in Squamish for many years, formerly of Sacred Heart. It's really important to find a person who specializes in the style you want. Don't go to a person who specializes in Traditional Scratch for an Asian Dragon. Instagram is also a great tool to find new artists. People should consider a road trip somewhere to get a tattoo...like saaaay, Portland OR. Portland has a great tattoo community. My sleeve. My 18 year old walk in. No regrets, I could get it covered, but I never would.
  4. It's with some other bands at Fortune Sound Club. Bogan Via from Phoenix and a local band Low Levels. I may check it out if I can drag someone out.
  5. Support local music!!!!!!! Good to see this posted riffraff.
  6. Who is apparently twins with...
  7. I was totally just being a douche and making commentary on how inexact scouting and drafting is. I love do Virt's game though. As for Larkin, I have a good friend connected to the Wings and I can tell you from their mouth, to my ear, to my fingers, to your eyes, that he has exceeded their expectations thus far.
  8. I love Jake's game and wouldn't change the pick if we had a "do over", but I just don't understand why the Jets took Ehlers over Larkin. Clearly Larkin was the better choice.
  9. If the entire CDC donates $5 each to the NHL draft bribe fund, do you think we can out-bribe Daryl Katz?

    1. yoshiyoshi


      i think we would need more than $100 to out-bribe anyone

  10. CDC needs to 


    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      ....go home and rethink their lives....


  11. Today I am as uninspired as our 2nd and 3rd periods last night. So tired and cranky.  Benning, do something to make me happy, get us a good pick, or someone who can score.  

  12. I have a date with Deadpool Sunday. 

    1. Heretic


      I almost got up and left half way through...

    2. Ryanstorm


      I'm going to check it out tomorrow! I haven't been to a movie in years.

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