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  1. Bethesda was bought out by Microsoft for a cool 7.5 billion. Here's hoping the next Fallout is given back to the New Vegas team that Microsoft also owns.
  2. His agent would just have to point to the massive amount of crap in the bottom six or press box that got big paydays with terms. Be silly to ask the guy that carried the team on his back to take anything less.
  3. Teams don't want our garbage. You want to trade LE then it's going to cost a valuable young asset on an ELC That gives us very few dance partners with the cap not going up. Louie ain't going anywhere.
  4. We've already played the "fire the coach to fix it" card The problems with this team go way higher up the chain of command
  5. been pc gaming from my couch on a tv for a couple of years. Haven't run into problems yet.
  6. Horizon Zero Dawn is finally coming out for PC on steam I remember when that was an April Fools joke.
  7. because we're Vancouver the rest of Canada will believe this just to hate us all the more. Carter was a moron. Tried to cash in after a single good season. Had he stuck around and had another he could have had an easier time translating that to a better payday. But race? At least from a fan perspective I don't recall any Canuck player disliked on race. I think some of our favourite alumni have been black and such.
  8. Bening was a terrible GM with Judd and will continue to be terrible without. Doubt much will change
  9. This will be the first time I have broken the rules of this site and I'll take any punishment but F*ck cancer. dammit
  10. evidently some goofs are trying to ban this one next: I'll fight to the death to keep it
  11. Born with it, grew up with it. Nucks or nothing for me. 82 really clinched it. I cannot tell you what an amazing atmosphere that was. Sure it's well documented that I dislike our current GM but one man doesn't change my loyalties. Despite what certain posters think of me I am firm in my belief that no city deserves a cup more than us any more.
  12. Overcoached. Too many teams playing like robots. Creativity is discouraged. (Pavel Bure's first shift would have been condemned by coaching in this era) Teams should be only allowed a head coach and trainer on the bench and that's it. Not this army of suits they have today.
  13. I just encountered some random guy in a Flyers Jersey. Game him a high five, a handshake and wished him luck

    Unrelated, I have a really awful cold and pretty sure I am contagious as hell.

    1. NewbieCanuckFan


      @TimberWolf  Well you sure as heck wouldn't want to shake *MY* hands.  Here's a hint, I generally sleep alone on weekends and must find some other avenue to release my errr........:ph34r:


    2. brilac


      I did that once at a Canucks game.  I was starting to get sick on my way to Vancouver, and when the game started I was really sick with a bad cold, and drank beer even out the sickness, so I would not feel the sickness.  These fans besides me kept giving me high fives through out the game.  I didn't really feel that bad, they told me they were secretly Oilers fans. I'm sure they got sick. 

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