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  1. Big Mike

    Tate Olson | D

    only one person in Seattle took me up on this I am disappoint. Stay tuned in the next little bit I'll provide a thorough summary of his season including the playoffs and my final thoughts on his season this year. I meant to do this earlier but I've had a lot of stuff going on lately and haven't had the time While Im at that anyone interested in hearing a summary/thoughts on other Cougars players seasons?
  2. Big Mike

    Tate Olson | D

    Unrelated note if anyone here's at the games in Seattle or PG if you see a tall guy with a red beard in an Olson jersey feel free to chat me up Go Cats Go
  3. Big Mike

    Tate Olson | D

    Also really looking forward to seeing how he does in the playoffs. The cougars dropped perfectly into the only position where they have a chance in round one. If the cougs dropped to the second wildcards Victoria (106 pts 50 wins )would proceed to dismantle them in a few games. If they pulled up into 3rd in the BC then Kelowna (100 pts 48 wins) would be waiting likely with the same result. Now with a first round match up against Seattle ( 94 pts 45 wins) a team that the cougs have played pretty good against there might be a chance for them to upset. If Olson and co can bring their A game then
  4. Big Mike

    Tate Olson | D

    Yup he has also really taken some massive steps forward in regards to his defensive game. After being a -13 last year something which many fans held against him he finished a +16 this season that's a turn around of +29!!!. I know +/- isn't the best stat and can be influenced by other factors but in this case it's really a good indicator of just how much he's improved. He's also played with much more of an edge which led to him to 90 PIM'S 21 more than last year. He really took a leap forward in all areas on a team that played about the same if not slightly worse than last year. I w
  5. Big Mike

    Tate Olson | D

    I heard and was swearing at the radio when that happened
  6. Big Mike

    Tate Olson | D

    Anderson is a solid defensive defenseman. He doesn't have tate's offensive flair but his defensive game is better . This is only his second full season but I like what I see. I would excpect him to be a late 3rd round more likely a 4th round pick and I would be very happy is the Canucks took him. I also like his physical game which is where his size comes into play he's definitely got potential to be a good solid shut down defenseman but he's never going to produce much offense which means that he might well fly under the radar and get pick later in the draft (5th,6th,7th). All in all I
  7. Big Mike

    Tate Olson | D

    IMO he's pretty solid defensively not everyone agrees with me though I mentioned it to him a while back after a game and a few weeks later he mentioned to a friend of mine that he'd read this topic and found it funny that it even existed. He's 2 points back right from Harkins right now with 3 games less played
  8. Big Mike

    Tate Olson | D

    Another big game for Olson 1 goal 2 assists and despite being a -2 he played a very solid two way game again. His 35 points put him 10th in defense man scoring while at the same time playing very solid defense. I do know however that there are several guys I chat with you hate him and view him as a defensive liability so he is a polarizing player among at least part of the fanbase. BTW he is aware of this thread and apparently has read it at least once
  9. Big Mike

    Tate Olson | D

    Not to mention a ton of ice time seriously i think he spent more time on the ice than on the bench. Plus he as usual made a significant impact defensively. Yup he's having one hell of a year
  10. Big Mike

    Tate Olson | D

    A complete beast of a defenseman and yes yes he is. His skill level has more than doubled over where it was last year. He's been hands down the best defenseman on the Cougars this year , has been putting up a good number of points , he's playing a solid physical game , has an impressive amount of stick-handling ability as well as hockey sense and despite still making a few mistakes he's consistently finding a way to regain control/prevent a goal. BTW his stats over his career Regular Season Season Team GP G A
  11. Finally found another person from PG..miracle!!

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    2. Chris


      Are you sure you aren't the same person? ... Same Initials. :o



    3. BM24


      Cougars fan too, no one admits that especially ;) been fun to watch this year tho

    4. Big Mike

      Big Mike

      Yeah the cougs are on fire right now especially Olson , Edmonds and Harkins

  12. Big Mike

    Tate Olson | D

    His stats were ok but he was very inconsistent and frequently made mistakes
  13. Big Mike

    Tate Olson | D

    I would say so he's been our best and most reliable defenceman this season . Yeah last season Olson was ok but he wasn't even on my radar as a cougs player that might be drafted then bam he got drafted and he's having an insane year. I gotta say if Olson was available this draft he's looking like he'd go higher for sure so props to Benning there
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