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  1. Get your heads out of your backsides. This team his going nowhere. Benning has assembled a bunch of pansies. This team is way too soft to handle the rights of the playoffs.
  2. I’m crushed. Didn’t think I’d care so much but I do. His beautiful daughter too. Just crushing. Can’t believe it
  3. YummyCakeFace


    Wow. Ronny looks healthy and very fit. Moving around the court aggressively.
  4. What garbage questioning by Amber to Connor. What’s he supposed to say? Ya I’m the best. Look at me. NHL media is horrendously poor. Constantly putting players in no win situations trying to stir any questionable response
  5. So we can’t say shut up now? Shame on you for your policed state over sensorship. New world order right? Shame
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